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Upleveling Your Data Science Organization

As an advanced and open platform, Domino empowers data scientists to efficiently use the tools of their choice and provides project teams with the ability to assign tasks, annotate objects, share work, and monitor status. Our platform tracks changes to code, data, tools, and packages through continual version control.

Discover how to unleash your data science team with a platform that:

  • Works with big data
  • Powers through model training with GPUs
  • Supports advanced algorithms to stimulate innovation
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Work with Big Data

Domino simplifies connectivity to many popular data stores, and offers an array of tools to process that data. Virtually any data type can be processed including video, images, audio, signals, and documents.

Power Through Model Training

Domino puts power in your data scientists' hands, enabling the use of GPUs along with GPU-optimized libraries, for interactive or batch workloads, using Python, R or MATLAB, all with the click of a button.

Leverage Advanced Algorithms

As an open platform, Domino allows enterprises to experiment, evaluate and incorporate transfer learning and transformers, N-shot learning, and reinforcement learning.

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