episode 16

How Computer Science & Statistics Fundamentals Can Advance Data Science in 2021

Data Science Leaders | 29:22 | August 18, 2021

Data Science Leaders: Chris Volinsky

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Computer scientists can be fearless, pushing the limits of computational power and the scale of data we can analyze. On the flipside, statisticians can be intensely skeptical, always measuring error and bringing a critical perspective.

According to Chris Volinsky, AVP - Data Science & AI Research at AT&T, it’s these two schools of thought that combine to make data science such a powerful function in business.

In this episode, Chris shares his thoughts on how computer science and statistics fundamentals can help us continue to push data science forward. Plus, he offers advice on how to conduct all-important exploratory data analysis (EDA) effectively.

We discuss:

  • How computer scientists influenced data science
  • What statistical thought brings to the equation
  • Tips and tricks for doing EDA right

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