episode 37

Decoding Human Behavior and Well-Being through Data Science

Data Science Leaders | 39:41 | February 09, 2022

Data Science Leaders: Takuya Kitagawa

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The coding, models, and experiments inherent in data science work may have more to do with understanding human well-being than you think.

Machine learning and AI can be applied in ways big and small to further our understanding of human behavior—and influence our well-being.

Takuya Kitagawa, Chief Data Officer & Managing Executive Officer at Rakuten Group, believes there must be a shift toward focusing on well-being when it comes to how brands relate to customers. He joins the show to share his perspective on the future of data science, plus he details his approach to managing a large team spanning many products, cultures, and geographies.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The role of ML in unifying the customer experience across multiple products
  • Managing globally distributed data science teams
  • Understanding human intention and well-being with technology

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