Domino Summer ’23 Release

Build and Operate AI Fast, Responsibly, and Economically

Unlocking Generative AI for the Enterprise

The Domino Summer ’23 release makes Domino the easiest way to build and operate cutting-edge AI, in-house – fast, responsibly and economically. Enterprise Generative AI is within your reach.

Fast AI

Build Generative AI applications, fine-tune large language models and more with foundation models, pre-built solutions and automation

Responsible AI

Ensure AI accuracy, fairness, transparency and accountability with Domino Model Sentry

Cost-Effective AI

Achieve radical cost savings with intelligent cost optimizations and comprehensive reporting and budget controls

Accelerate and Automate Cutting-Edge AI

Domino now includes pre-built solutions and automated, transparent machine learning to quickly jumpstart your AI project and customize it to meet your specialized needs.

AI Project Hub

  • Jumpstart with pre-built solutions and templates to create new AI projects.
  • Industry-leading solutions curated from the best of open source like Huggingface, partners, and more.
  • Promote your own projects to become templates to share knowledge and enforce best practices.

Foundation Models

  • Large collection of pre-trained models for all common ML applications - language, audio, and vision.
  • A growing curated open-source library of large language models (LLMs), foundation models, and more.
  • Use Domino Code Assist to generate code to fine-tune and integrate with foundation models, eliminating the need to write boilerplate code.

Transparent AutoML

  • Quickly prototype accurate machine-learning models with just a few clicks.
  • Complete visibility, reproducibility, and access to explainable audit-ready code, which you can customize for particular use cases.
  • Seamlessly integrated with Code Assist - automatically track key metrics, model artifacts, and code with integrated experiment manager.


Enterprise Generative AI and Foundation Models with AI Project Hub

Responsible AI with Domino Model Sentry

model sentry diagram

Domino Model Registry

  • A centralized system to view, manage, and deploy model versions.
  • See all production and candidate models in a single view regardless of their source or where they reside.
  • Track model versions, experiments, and objects through the lifecycle.
Domino Model Cards

Domino Model Cards

  • Single-screen model overview report, profiling lineage, history, metrics, logs, and explainability at a glance.
  • Automatically populated with critical details about the model to help certify for production or evaluate for reuse.
  • Promote transparency, accountability, and fairness.

Domino Model Review & Staging

  • Comprehensive model evaluation & review process framework
  • Facilitate a detailed review workflow with access control for model components and model promotions (dev → staging → production)
  • Automate deployment by connecting approval flows to CI/CD pipelines.
  • Host models in separate data planes or IT designated platforms

Domino Project Templates

  • Simplify project creation with templates embedding corporate standards and better practices.
  • Help your team follow proven processes throughout their project lifecycle.
  • Improve code quality, simplify model reuse, and accelerate time to market.

Domino Model Monitoring

  • Ensure production models remain valid and reproducible and avoid reputational and financial impact.
  • Domino proactively monitors models for drift, comparing predictions to ground-truth data.
  • Avoid data drift and be alerted when input data significantly deviates from a model’s training data. Maintain the initiative, retrain your model, and mitigate risk.


Model Governance and Responsible AI with Domino Model Sentry

Optimize and Control AI Costs

Monitor and reduce data science costs with complete visibility, actionable insights, and automated governance

Granular Cost Reporting

Granular Cost Reporting

  • Comprehensive cost reports (compute, storage) aggregated across business units, projects, or even users.
  • Understand and control how money is spent on compute and storage across projects and the throughout the platform.
  • Track costs across cloud platforms and on-prem, from instances and instance type, through GPU and storage consumption, to networking and beyond.

Budgets and Alerts

Budgets and Alerts

  • Set budgets for each project or business unit., Aggregate compute and storage costs across cloud platforms and even on-prem infrastructure
  • Configure budget alerts to notify teams that approach their limits.


Advanced AI Cost Management and Budgeting with Domino

Domino Cloud: Fully-Managed Cloud Service

Domino Cloud now supports hybrid and multi-cloud data planes; Launches specialized industry cloud for life sciences.

Domino Cloud: Now With Private Hybrid Data Planes

Domino Cloud now provides the convenience of SaaS with the data security and privacy of private clouds.

Domino Cloud offers all of Domino as a fully-managed service and lets you run compute workloads in your own infrastructure - in your VPC or on prem - and lets you keep your data within your network perimeter.

Learn more about Domino Cloud

Introducing Domino Cloud for Life Sciences

Streamline and accelerate your life science analytics workloads with a unified, open, cloud-native data science and statistical computing platform.



  • Qualified, validated installations, and upgrades
  • Regulatory audit support
  • 21 CFR Part 11, EudraLex Annex 11, WHO Annex 5, GDPR, and HIPAA compliance
GxP and non-GxP

GxP and non-GxP

  • Flexibility in data, tools, and languages
  • Guaranteed traceability and reproducibility
  • Detail model lifecycle audit-trails
Fully Managed

Fully Managed

  • Fast and easy setup and onboarding
  • Secure and private single tenancy
  • Environment managed by an experienced, accredited hosting team


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Domino Unveils Groundbreaking Innovations

New features to help enterprises build and operate AI fast, economically and responsibly


Announcing Domino Summer '23 Release


Enabling Enterprise Responsible AI with Domino Model Sentry

Vultr and Domino Data Lab Partner Amid Surging GPU Demand

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Vultr and Domino Data Lab Partner

Partnership to reduce AI time-to-value amid surging GPU demand

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See why over 20% of the Fortune 100 trust the Domino Enterprise MLOps platform for their mission-critical data science work.