Domino Unveils Groundbreaking Innovations to Help Build and Operate Enterprise AI Fast, Economically and Responsibly

June 2, 2023

NEW YORK CITY – June 1, 2023 – At its largest-ever Rev conference, Domino Data Lab, provider of the leading Enterprise AI platform trusted by over 20% of the Fortune 100, today announced new capabilities as part of its Summer 2023 release that make its platform the fastest, most economical and most responsible way to build and operate enterprise AI. It also announced expanded AI cloud offerings that bring the convenience of a fully managed platform to hybrid cloud enterprises and life sciences organizations. 

Companies are scrambling to take advantage of generative AI, but still face challenges ranging from complex infrastructure requirements to budget pressure to safety and responsibility concerns. In fact, a recent study shows 46% of C-level AI executives say they lack necessary governance tools and 99% struggle to convince IT to focus budgets on AI initiatives. With Domino, enterprises can now put responsible AI into practice, further reduce time-to-value from AI, and control the cost of building and operating AI.

“AI is an existential business imperative. The winners will be those who wield it with speed, responsibility, and fiscal savvy,” said Nick Elprin, CEO and co-founder of Domino Data Lab. “We're backing our customers with the resources to outshine in these key areas and unleash AI to change the trajectory of civilization.”

Harness the Power of Foundation Models with Ease

To speed up time to value from AI, Domino is introducing new capabilities to help teams use or adapt the most powerful techniques and algorithms available from across a vibrant open-source ecosystem.

  • Domino Code Assist now allows teams to leverage foundation models as easily as autoML. In just a few clicks, users can find the best state-of-the-art foundation models, connect them to their data, and generate the code to fine-tune them.
  • A new AI Hub streamlines the development process by delivering teams pre-trained foundation models and project templates that enable 1-click turnkey solutions out of the box, along with auto-scaling compute clusters—Spark, Ray, Dask, GPUs, and more—for large-scale distributed data preparation and model training.

Throttle Costs, Not Innovation

With AI workloads consuming more costly cloud resources, Domino’s Summer Release introduces new capabilities to help companies intelligently manage and reduce spend using fine-grained visibility, budgets and quotas. Users can access customized cost reports by various dimensions—user, organization, project—for granular visibility and chargeback, and can set quotas and alerts to ensure effective cost governance.

Put Responsible AI Into Practice

The new Domino Model Sentry is a comprehensive solution with tightly integrated capabilities that allow companies to mitigate model risks and implement responsible AI practices. It features a new unified model registry for complete lineage tracking, and auditability with automated model cards ensures teams can responsibly design and reproduce models. Model Sentry also allows for control of model validation, review, and approval processes involving all stakeholders—ensuring model compliance and risk management.

Expanded Cloud-Based Offerings

Domino also announced that all of these capabilities are part of its expanded, groundbreaking SaaS offerings: Domino Cloud and Domino Cloud for Life Sciences.

  • Domino Cloud now includes Nexus support. Users can now use a fully-managed control plane in the cloud with single-pane access to private hybrid data planes including NVIDIA DGX clusters. In this way, Domino Cloud now facilitates seamless integration and collaboration across intricate multi-cloud and hybrid infrastructures.
  • At Rev 4, the company unveiled Domino Cloud for Life Sciences (DCLS). An audit-ready specialized AI cloud platform with a Statistical Computing Environment, DCLS addresses the unique needs of the pharmaceutical industry. It empowers organizations to accelerate drug discovery, optimize research workflows, and maintain strict regulatory compliance within a secure, collaborative, and fully-managed platform.


Domino’s Summer 2023 Release will be available starting in July, with AI Hub availability following shortly. DCLS and Domino Cloud Enterprise are generally available now with all currently shipping Domino features.

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