March 18-21 | San Jose, California

Domino at NVIDIA GTC 2024

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Domino - the unified Enterprise AI platform - is excited to head to NVIDIA GTC in San Jose, California, from March 18-21. Stop by our booth, attend one of our sessions, or meet with our team to learn how Domino unleashes the power of AI for the most advanced enterprises in highly regulated industries - like Lockheed Martin and Johnson & Johnson.

Democratize AI infrastructure and run workloads anywhere - on-premises, hybrid, any cloud or multi-cloud - for lower cost, optimal performance, and compliance - with Domino's platform powered by NVIDIA AI Solutions.

Learn how Domino and NVIDIA are collaborating to bring GenAI to the enterprise - from LLM Prompt Tuning to strategies for cost-effective production LLMs. See our sessions below!

Domino at GTC


Win a NVIDIA® Jetson Orin™ Nano Developer Kit¹

Domino is giving away 2x NVIDIA® Jetson Orin™ Nano Developer Kits. Enter by 1) Scheduling a meeting with Domino or 2) Staying for a Demo at Domino's booth.


We know how busy GTC can be. Save time by scheduling a meeting or demo at our booth in advance using the form.


Alternatively, come by our booth #1612 in the AI Center of Excellence pavilion (next to MLOps & LLMOps platforms) for a demo or meeting. GTC conference badge must be scanned for giveaway eligibility.

¹ Note: Valid for in-person redemption at NVIDIA GTC Conference in San Jose March 20th and March 21st. See official rules at bottom of this page.


LLM Fine Tuning with NVIDIA NeMo in Domino

We all recognize the immense business opportunity from generative AI and large language models (LLMs) — particularly those trained or developed on proprietary company data. However, developing them is resource-intensive, time-consuming, and requires deep technical expertise.


The NVIDIA NeMo Framework accelerates LLM training by up to 30% (models ranging from 22 billion to 1 trillion parameters) — a quick, efficient, containerized framework for model training, evaluation, and inference. In this session, we'll use NVIDIA NeMo Megatron — a powerful transformer developed by the Applied Deep Learning Research team at NVIDIA — to fine-tune using parameter efficient fine tuning (PEFT) on Domino’s Enterprise AI Platform.


We’ll walk through the end-to-end model life cycle, starting with NVIDIA’s NeMo Toolkit in Domino’s AI Project Hub, customizing a data science environment for fine-tuning in Domino, then use NeMo to encode text prompts and generate task-specific virtual tokens.


In-Person | Wednesday, March 20th, 3:00 PM (S62109)

Virtual | On-demand after March 18 (S63101)


3x Faster, Cost-Effective Production-Grade LLM Performance on Any Infrastructure

Despite the promise of generative AI, cost and privacy implications of large language models (LLMs) often block the path from prototype to production. Even common use cases such as simple summarization are blocked by legal departments over intellectual property risks due to third-party models being pre-trained on an unknown corpus of text — and neither prompt engineering nor retrieval-augmented generation produces the results that enterprises demand.


And for LLM fine-tuning, cost and availability of GPU hardware needs to be considered. We'll show you how to fine-tune an LLM to meet all of these demands — demonstrating how to train a pharmaceutical dataset on common GPUs and then deploy it in a performant fashion — all through Domino’s Enterprise AI platform as a model API. Better yet, we'll show how’s Infery can accelerate inference speed on the same hardware by 3x.


In-Person | Wednesday, March 20th, 4:30 PM


Learn More about Domino and NVIDIA

Domino, in partnership with NVIDIA®, supports open, collaborative, reproducible model development, training, and management free of DevOps constraints - powered by efficient, end-to-end compute. Democratize GPU access by enabling data science teams with powerful NVIDIA AI solutions - on-premises, cloud, or modern hybrid-multi cloud.


Domino and NVIDIA provide customers with faster GPU model development and deployment from the data centers to the edge.


Domino is an NVIDIA Preferred Partner with validation for NVIDIA AI Enterprise - a member of the NVIDIA DGX™-Ready Software and NVIDIA Inception programs.

¹ Note: NVIDIA® Jetson Orin™ Nano Developer Kit Giveaway Official Rules