Allstate's Analytics Center of Excellence Pushes the Data Science Innovation Pedal

Learn how Allstate puts models at the heart of its business.

Allstate serves as a leader in insurance by putting models at the heart of its business, leveraging data as a transformational enterprise asset. Using data and analytics to support claims processing, help deliver quotas, and guide thousands of decision-making actions across products, sales, operations, marketing, and claims, Allstate leads the industry in applying models and AI to critical business problems. At the core of this transformation is Allstate’s Analytics Center of Excellence, led by Meg Walters.

In this panel discussion, Walters, alongside Nick Elprin, CEO of Domino Data Lab, and John Ashley, GM of Finserve & Tech at NVIDIA, discuss how Allstate has scaled the Analytics CoE into a model building factory using Domino’s Enterprise MLOps platform to deliver massive productivity gains for data scientists. Watch now to learn:

  1. How to build a "Center of Excellence" to scale and operationalize data science productivity.
  2. What skillsets are required to bridge the gap across technical data scientists and line-of-business leaders.
  3. How Allstate creates an innovative culture around the latest data science techniques such as NLP, computer vision, weather, autonomous vehicles, & multi-modal modeling.


Meg Walters

Meg leads the Analytics Center of Excellence (ACOE), a data science unit tasked with providing access to cutting edge techniques, setting best practices, and expanding data science across Allstate.
Nick Elprin

Nick Elprin

Co-Founder & CEO
Nick Elprin is redefining the world of enterprise AI at the world’s most advanced companies across life sciences, financial services, manufacturing, telecommunications and defense. A visionary in scaling data science, he believes the opportunities are endless for companies that weave AI into the fabric of their businesses.

John Ashley

John Ashley leads the Global Financial Services Industry strategy team at NVIDIA. He started and led the Professional Services Deep Learning practice for NVIDIA and the NVIDIA Deep Learning Professional Services Partner program, working to help customers and partners adopt and deliver deep learning solutions.

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