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Domino Learning

Domino works with 20% of the Fortune 100 and has partnered with these organizations to mature their respective data science processes and practices.

Develop your data science, DevOps, and administration skills with expert training from Domino. We bring a wealth of experience and knowledge that can benefit data science leaders, practitioners, and administrators. Learn best practices to hone your data science understanding and inform how your team scales data science initiatives across the enterprise.

Course Type Title Audience Pre-Req Duration More Info/Enroll
Hands-on Domino for Practitioners Data Science Leaders, Data Science Practitioners None Half-day Contact Us*
Demo Administration in Domino Data Science Leaders, IT Professionals Some experience with Domino Half-day Contact Us*
Hands-on Introduction to Machine Learning Data Science Practitioners Some python coding experience Full day Contact Us*

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*Courses currently offered are for customer organizations and approved by your Domino Administrator. Engage your administrator to enlist your team for training.