Aligning your culture and workforce to create an AI-driven approach to drug discovery

Dave Johnson, data and AI thought leader

RevX Philadelphia, May 30, 2024


Dive into the transformative impact of AI on life sciences with Dave Johnson, former Chief Data and AI Officer at Moderna, at the Domino Data Lab's RevX Conference in Philadelphia. This in-depth fireside chat explores Johnson's journey through the rapid innovations at Moderna, particularly during the development of the COVID-19 vaccine. Johnson shares his experiences integrating AI and data science in drug development, discussing both the challenges and successes that come with pushing the boundaries of modern medicine.

Whether you're a data scientist, a professional in the life sciences, or simply curious about the future of AI in health, this talk offers valuable insights into the role of technology in accelerating medical breakthroughs and the ongoing evolution of the field. Join us to learn about the pivotal moments at Moderna, the role of AI in hypothesis-free research, and the strategic importance of technology in the life sciences sector.