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Nick Elprin, CEO, Domino Data Lab

Accelerate impact: Look beyond the light

Nick Elprin, CEO, Domino Data Lab

Malcolm deMayo, NVIDIA

Scaling finance: AI transformations driven by NVIDIA

Malcolm deMayo, Global Vice President – Financial Services Industry, NVIDIA

Linda Avery

Changing the culture code of AI

Linda Avery, Former Federal Reserve CDAO, Verizon, Live Fire AI Co-founder

John Thompson – Global Head, Artificial Intelligence, EY

AI: What’s next? GenAI and beyond

John Thompson, Global Head, Artificial Intelligence, EY

Domino's Kjell Carlsson

It’s the end of the world as we know it (and AI feel fine)

Kjell Carlsson, Ph.D., Head of AI Strategy, Domino Data Lab

Accelerate impact: Look beyond the light

Thomas Robinson, Chief Operating Officer, Domino Data Lab

The great GenAI compression

Fernando Lucini, Global Data Science and Machine Learning Engineering Lead, Accenture

Chris Wiggins, The New York Times

How to make responsible AI happen

Chris Wiggins, Chief Data Scientist, The New York Times

Unlocking the Power of Diversity in AI: Lessons from Women Leaders

Unlocking the power of diversity in AI: Lessons from women leaders

Sabrina Palme, Co-founder and CEO of Palqee, Roxana Mohammadian-Molina, Former Investment Banker and Tech Investor, and Lisa Carter, Founder and CEO, Panelle

Financial services

Vijay Saraswat, Fidelity Investments, speaks at RevX, 2024

Computer Science 2.0

Vijay Saraswat, Head, Data and Insights, Fidelity Investments

The AI product mindset: How Moody’s turned models into a service

Logan Clark, Associate Director, Moody's

Ivan Black, FINRA

How FINRA IT drives AI-powered oversight at a colossal scale

Ivan Black, Director of Engineering, Delivery Services, FINRA

Operationalizing and scaling financial services AI in the real world

Ken Gaume, Data & Analytics Consulting Director, NTT Data

Russell Fishman, Sr. Director, Product Management, Global Innovations, Solutions and Alliances, NetApp

Data in the era of AI

Alex Izydorczyk, Founder and CEO, Cybersyn

Building future-proof in-house AI systems: An illustration with intelligent document processing

Sébastien Conort, Chief Data Scientist, BNP Paribas CARDIF

Realizing AI value through responsible AI in insurance

Realizing AI value through responsible AI in insurance

Raj Mukherjee, Data Analytics and AI Director, Direct Line Group

Cloud for a rainy day: How VMware private cloud shines bright for leading financial institutions

Paul Nothard, Principal Architect Financial Services Global Industries Group, VMware by Broadcom

Adam Gale

Navigating EU AI Act compliance: Strategies to accelerate business value and mitigate risks

Adam Gale, Senior Enterprise Architect, AI and Financial Industry, NetApp

Life sciences

Dave Johnson, data and AI thought leader

Aligning your culture and workforce to create an AI-driven approach to drug discovery

Dave Johnson, data and AI thought leader

Zheng Yang – Worldwide Head AI/ML Strategy & Solutions for Healthcare and Life Sciences, AWS

Accelerating R&D innovation with generative AI

Zheng Yang, Worldwide Head AI/ML Strategy & Solutions for Healthcare and Life Sciences, AWS

Transforming clinical reporting with a modern statistical computing environment

Eileen Ching, Senior Director, Biostatistics Technical Capability Delivery, GSK

Saurin Mehta, Senior Director of Technology, GSK

Accelerating innovation: AI and data best practices for life sciences

Richard Swakla, Data-Centric Workloads Specialist, AI/ML/Modern Data Lakes, NetApp

Building a qualified AWS environment for validated life science applications

Keith Parent, CEO, Court Square Group (CSG)

AstraZeneca’s FAIRR framework for transforming and modernizing drug discovery

Ronen Artzi, Technology Innovation Lead, AstraZeneca

Innovating data science pipelines through collaboration

Mike Harnish, Principal, KSM

Albert Park, Senior Director of Bioinformatics Engineering, Moderna

Liesbeth Ceelan, Biolizard CEO

Driving data-centric organizational transformation

Liesbeth Ceelan, CEO, Biolizard

Harnessing the power of AI within regulated industries

Tabitha Sleap, Management Consultant, BIP and Gabriele Oliva, Head of Data Analytics and AI, BIP