Detect and Prevent Cyber and Fraud; Improve Collections

Stop crime at the door

The threat landscape evolves quickly and insurers need to be proactive to stay one step ahead. Models that quickly adapt to changing schemes are a key component. That's why the world’s largest insurers are focusing on creating high model velocity for all their fraud detection, prevention, and collection activities.

They look to Domino's Enterprise MLOps to give them the capability to create, deploy, monitor, and refresh models at scale for:

  • Claims fraud such as change of date, inflated claims, staged accidents, and intentional damage
  • Anti-money laundering
  • Cyber security detection and prevention
  • Enhanced due diligence
  • Underwriter surveillance
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Why Domino to detect and prevent schemes and improve collections

Proactively respond to threats

Increase model velocity and team productivity to stay one step ahead of schemes

Domino lets you proactively detect and respond to cyber, fraud, underwriting, and money laundering schemes, and improve collections by accelerating the end-to-end data science lifecycle and increasing the productivity of data scientists, actuaries and analysts.


  • Quickly access, consolidate, and use data from structured and unstructured data sources.
  • Rapidly build, deploy, and retrain models to keep pace with emerging threats and changing conditions.
  • One-click access to powerful machines with the most popular distributed frameworks, including Spark, Ray, and Dask, and GPUs, accelerates training workloads on large complex datasets.
  • Automated model monitoring alerts you when model performance is degrading.
  • Rapidly embed models into business systems and processes to drive business impact.

Streamlined access to data

Easy access to data, without compromising security and governance

With Domino, you can easily work with and share data while complying with IT protocols, data security, and governance policies.


  • Centrally establish connections to data wherever it lives.
  • Share data across teams without making copies.
  • Provide data context and metadata in a unified manner within and across departments or LOBs.
  • Maintain strict governance and control over sensitive data.
  • Effectively manage data with integrated version control.
  • Integrate with established company SSO and LDAP solutions.

Reproducible analysis and models

Easily reproduce and validate work, improving productivity

Domino lets data scientists and model validators instantly recreate the environment used to build a model or analysis.


  • Easily validate model results prior to deployment.
  • Reproduce any model with just a few clicks, regardless of the language used to create it.
  • Improve data scientist and analyst productivity by automating the capture of all model assets.

Increased throughput

Seamlessly collaborate and build upon past work

With Domino, data scientists, actuariesm and analysts can easily collaborate and build upon past work to test new ideas and quickly deploy the successful ones into production. Model velocity and throughput are increased as consistent patterns and practices are codified across teams.


  • Collaborate and iterate on results seamlessly with analysts, actuaries, data scientists, IT, product management, risk, and executives.
  • Retain institutional knowledge when key people leave.
  • Search prior work on a topic to avoid reinventing the wheel and rapidly compound knowledge.
  • Accelerate onboarding of new team members.
  • Integrated workflows foster best practices.

Case Study

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