Do Less DevOps and More Data Science

Jupyter is a great tool for data science, and Domino lets you get the most out of it.

Domino automatically tracks changes to your notebooks and experiments—code, data, results, and environment—so you can always revert or reproduce old results, and even compare how your notebooks and results have changed over time.

Share work with colleagues, search and reuse past work, and comment on your notebooks and results. Your future colleagues will thank you, and your team will innovate faster.

Run Jupyter on Scalable Hardware

With one click, launch Jupyter (or RStudio) on scalable hardware, including GPUs or machines with 128 cores and 2TB of RAM.

Manage Environments

Customize your computer environments using Docker. Use Anaconda, your own packages, or the included distributions.

Run Jupyter Notebooks

In one central place, all your colleagues can run their own notebooks. Domino will elastically spin machines up and down to meet demand.

Unleash data science

See why over 20% of the Fortune 100 has chosen Domino