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Announcing Domino 3.4: Furthering Collaboration with Activity Feed

Domino2019-05-15 | 2 min read

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Our last release, Domino 3.3 saw the addition of two major capabilities: Datasets and Experiment Manager. “Datasets”, a high-performance, revisioned data store offers data scientists the flexibility they need to make use of large data resources when developing models. And “Experiment Manager” acts as a data scientist’s “modern lab notebook” for tracking, organizing, and finding everything tested over the course of their research.

In the spirit of continuing to focus on supporting collaboration, organization, and transparency, Domino is introducing a complement to Experiment Manager in Domino 3.4: Activity Feed.

Activity Feed

Activity Feed is a new page within the Lab with an easy to follow, chronological log of changes to projects.

3.4 Activity Feed

3.4 Activity Feed

While helpful tracking an individual’s progress, Activity Feed really shines when collaborating with a team. Onboarding a new team member and getting them up to speed is faster and easier with Activity Feed. New team members can easily review past work, current progress, and see who to contact with questions about any previous work. In a similar vein, after stepping away from projects, it’s easy for team members to get back up to speed by scrolling through the Activity Feed.

In addition to being able to track project changes over time, data scientists can easily access results for a job or workspace, click on job numbers to view more detail in the Experiment Manager, and easily compare jobs right from the Activity Feed. If a data scientist only wants a particular view, it’s also possible to filter by jobs, workspaces, and comments.

3.4 Activity Feed

3.4 Activity Feed

In the spirit of facilitating collaboration and communication, users can leave comments on each event and reply inline.

3.4 Activity Feed

3.4 Activity Feed

Activity Feed was born from the goal of improving collaboration and discussion. The perfect complement to Experiment Manager, it’s now even easier for users to follow the evolution of projects.

For more about the Activity Feed in 3.4, see the Domino Support site.

Domino 3.4 is currently generally available – contact us for more information and be sure to check out the product demo to see the latest platform capabilities.

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