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Nathan Greenhut

Nathan Greenhut has worked in the banking and financial services industry for over 20 years in data, analytics, data science, risk management, governance, among other areas, and has helped to develop model risk management and governance processes for many of the world's leading banks and financial institutions.


4 Ways to Better Manage and Govern Financial Services and Insurance Models

The financial services industries are starting to realize the full import of the fact that, like household chores like dishwashing and garden work, ML models are never really done. Rather, AI and ML models need to be monitored for validity, and often, they also need to be re-explained and re-documented for regulators. So the spotlight is on model risk management (MRM) and governance (MRG), two related critical processes for financial services and insurance companies, and the importance of these two disciplines is only expected to grow.

By Nathan Greenhut9 min read

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