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Choosing Content for Netflix: How Data Leads the Way

Sheila Doshi2016-09-29 | 1 min read

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This talk took place at the Domino Data Science Pop-up in Los Angeles, CA on September 14, 2016

In this presentation, Paul Ellwood, VP of Data Engineering & Analytics at Netflix, talks about how the leading data-driven entertainment company uses data science to choose content for over 80 million global subscribers.

The company who popularized the recommendation algorithm uses technology and data as the “DNA for Netflix”, which helps them to:

  • Localize content for international subscribers;
  • Identify valuable content earlier than ratings services;
  • Provide their creatives with metrics and dashboards they can’t get anywhere else;
  • Gain competitive advantage against other networks and content purchasers.

You can follow Paul Ellwood on Twitter @pellwood, and if you’d like to learn more about what Netflix is doing with data science and machine learning, be sure to follow @NetflixData.

Slides for Paul’s presentation are available here.

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