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Data Science

Racial Bias in Policing: An Analysis of Illinois Traffic Stop Data

Mollie Pettit, Data Scientist and D3.js Data Visualization Instructor with Metis, walks data scientists through analysis of Illinois police traffic stop data, presenting a story narrative of Chicago in 2016. Pettit also discusses how, and shows why, data scientists need to be thoughtful and aware of assumptions when analyzing data and presenting a story narrative.

By Domino14 min read

Data Science

Reproducible Dashboards and Other Great Things to do with Jupyter

Mac Rogers, Research Engineer at Domino, presented best practices for creating Jupyter dashboards at a recent Domino Data Science Pop-Up.

By Domino26 min read

Data Science

Fuzzy Matching to the Rescue

Jennifer Shin is the Founder & Chief Data Scientist at 8 Path Solutions. Jennifer is on the faculty in the data science graduate program at UC Berkeley, on the Advisory Board for the M.S. in Data Analytics program at the City University of New York, and teaches business analytics and data visualization in the graduate program at NYU. At a Data Science Popup, Jennifer delivered an introduction to approximate string matching, or fuzzy matching. This blog post covers a session summary, a video of the entire session, and a video transcript of the presentation. If you are interested in attending a future Data Science Popup, the next event is November 14th in Chicago.

By Domino30 min read

Data Science

Scaling Machine Learning to Modern Demands

This is a Data Science Popup session by Hristo Spassimirov Paskov, Founder & CEO of ThinkFast.

By Grigoriy34 min read

Data Science

Data Scientists are Analysts are Software Engineers

In this Data Science Popup session, W. Whipple Neely, Director of Data Science at Electronic Arts, explains why data scientists have responsibilities beyond just data science.

By Grigoriy29 min read

Data Science

'Lean' Data Science

In this Data Science Popup session, Noelle Sio, Principal Data Scientist at Pivotal, explains how to apply Lean methodology to data science.

By Grigoriy30 min read

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