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Domino University Data Science Accreditation for Partners

Sid Khare2023-01-26 | 6 min read

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The Domino University partner accreditation programs are tailored to enable both implementation and consulting as well as solutions partners to learn the ins and outs of our platform - either as a data scientist, team leader, platform owner.

Why get accredited? Help clients and customers quickly begin realizing business value from their data science investment:

  • The Domino Data Science Practitioner Accreditation focuses on training data science practitioners on proven methods to more easily create data science and machine learning projects from scratch on Domino.
  • The Domino App Administration Accreditation focuses on training Domino admins identified by data science and IT teams in best practices to manage the Domino platform as a hub of innovation after it's installed.

What will you learn?

If you’re implementing or managing a Domino deployment, your team needs to be able to get clients up to speed quickly - and that only comes from a deep understanding of the power of our enterprise MLOps platform.

The Domino Data Science Practitioner Accreditation covers topics from getting started to sharing and deploying models. You’ll learn how to:

  • Get started quickly in Domino: Learn the basics about Domino Projects and Workspaces including accessing data, running code/jobs, and basic collaboration and reproducibility features.
  • Start using advanced features: Learn how to customize compute environments, store credentials, use Domino APIs, and use on-demand and auto-scaling compute clusters.
  • Publish models: Learn how to easily share work with others by publishing models as an API, publishing to Snowflake, setting up web apps, creating jobs, and using launchers.
Domino Practicioner training

The Domino Data Science Practitioner Training teaches you how to get the most out of our platform as a user. It is self-guided and prepares you for the Domino Data Science Practitioner Accreditation exam.

Building custom data science or AI/ML solutions? Particularly when it comes to vertical- or domino-specific solutions, we welcome partners to build solutions like Moody’s Analytics’ CAP™ financial services solution, Accenture’s Intient™ Clinical solutions, and Biorankings’ Virtual Biostatistics Core solution for life science companies. To get started, you need more knowledge than the common Domino Data Science Practitioner…

The Domino App Administration Accreditation focuses on architecture, environment, workspace, user, and data management. You’ll learn how to:

  • Deploy Domino: Navigate the Admin panel while learning how to customize and configure Domino.
  • Manage the Compute Grid (hardware): Manage infrastructure and hardware including creating hardware tiers, managing node pools, creating GPU-backed model APIs, and overall best practices.
  • Manage Environments: Learn best practices for customizing, administering, and revisioning distributed computing environments.
  • Manage storage: Optimize costs by managing persistent volumes in workspaces and jobs and taking advantage of Domino’s automated workspace management and sizing features.
  • Troubleshoot: Learn how to troubleshoot by receiving logs from Kubernetes.
  • Manage users and authentication: Learn how to best manage different user roles and tiers, including using Keycloak and other advanced authentication for data sources, as well as configure audit trails.
  • Manage Data: Administer datasets, manage external data volumes, and get the most from Domino Data Sources (including Snowflake, S3, Trino, Teradata).
  • Govern Domino: Learn best practices for monitoring and security in Domino.
Domino Admin Training

The Domino App Administration Accreditation is foundational knowledge for implementing and/or managing a Domino Deployment for clients, or building custom solutions on Domino’s platform.

How long does it take?

Training and accreditation are free to all in Domino Partner Network. A set of self-guided training tracks can be completed online, as can the certification. The Practitioner training takes about three hours, while the Admin training takes an additional three to four hours.

Each training track is composed of modules that can be completed at anytime. Run out of time in the middle of a module? Don't worry - you can leave the session and pick right back up where you started when you're ready to resume.

Domino Practicioner Home

Domino University Training Modules are self-paced. Trainees can access the rich set of tutorials and videos at any time, with the option to exit and re-enter modules to pick back up right where they left off.

Domino University benefits

Show your company, customers, and clients that you are up-to-speed on Domino’s Leading Enterprise MLOps platform!

Having spent a number of years as a professional services leader, I am excited that our partners can get such detailed data science and MLOps knowledge from a couple of hours of self-paced training in-between client engagements. Domino University’s programs provide in-depth knowledge and a solid foundation of Domino’s Platform, equipping our partners to solve some of the most complex business challenges using the latest AI/ML ecosystem technologies.

- Ankur Sinha, Head of Partner Solutions & GTM, Domino Data Lab
Domino University LinkedIn

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Domino University Certificate of Completion for Domino Data Science Practitioner Certification.

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All members of Domino Partner Access get free access! Reach out to your partner manager or for your access code to Domino University's Training and Accreditation portal.

Sid is the Head of Partnership at Domino Data Lab. He is an AI/ML ecosystem developer with over 20 years of global experience. He has a strong track record of closing new partnership deals, co-innovation of solutions, and driving mutual partnership value.



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