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New brand look, same focus on AI value

Thomas Been2024-02-07 | 5 min read

Domino's new brand look and logo evoke clarity, people and process.
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AI, in all its forms, is such a fascinating domain. It’s incredibly rich and evolves so quickly that it’s hard for leaders and practitioners to separate the signals from the noise. Domino’s mission is to unleash AI’s power to solve complex problems. Our partners, who operate in highly regulated industries, are well aware of their challenges. They seek a solution pathway to address these issues and harness the potential of AI to create value.

At Domino, we offer both the platform and the perspective to drive Enterprise AI success. We needed a distinct approach to assert our viewpoint and effectively navigate the overwhelming information. That’s why I’m excited to introduce Domino’s new brand look. Designed to encapsulate the essence of Domino today, our brand aesthetic now integrates all aspects of artificial intelligence, serving as the optimal backdrop for our customers' AI achievements.

When you think about Domino, data science and MLOps come to mind, as our platform integrates both practices. For the last 10 years, we have collaborated closely with the most sophisticated enterprises to scale advanced analytics, data science, and artificial intelligence initiatives, from predictive to Generative AI. Our customers prioritize AI outcomes, such as drug and treatment discovery, revenue growth products, and government defense improvements. Domino contributes to these achievements by bringing all parts of AI, starting with the people and adding processes to the technology. Our customers see Domino as their Enterprise AI Factory, empowering their teams to deliver AI initiatives rapidly, cost-effectively, and responsibly. Our unique perspective on scaling Enterprise AI, cultivated over the years, underpins partnerships with leading regulated Enterprises across life sciences, the public sector, financial services, and more.

Over the past decade, our brand has transformed, shifting its primary focus to technology – a logical progression for a startup. Today, we reveal our new brand. It reflects our unique position and perspective on Enterprise AI. This rebrand aims to enhance clarity, solidify Domino’s vision for its customers and partners, and showcase the full scope of AI, encompassing both the people and the technology involved.

A new logo: Eight forces combined

Domino weaves the powerful forces of AI to deliver business impact. Data science, IT, and business teams access the tools, data, and infrastructure they need, and use models and other innovations from our partner ecosystem, to scale AI initiatives. Our updated logo reflects these eight forces joining to power Enterprise AI. Our updated logo embodies a bolder, more balanced, and easily readable design.

A new look: Clarity

In a domain that’s as broad and vibrant as AI, clarity is of the essence. We want our perspective on Enterprise AI, our customers' and partners’ thought leadership, and achievements to be visible and clearly stated. The simplified design and contrasted color palette of our new brand look make ideas and content as visible and clear as possible. Consistently addressing diverse needs, from teaching RAG to data scientists to sharing strategic perspectives from data and IT executives, all converge at

Embodying people, process, technology

We aim to showcase the components and the outcomes of AI today. Enterprise AI success hinges on orchestrating people, processes, and technology. Our brand should represent the complete AI landscape, from people whose skills and collaboration drive success to the outcomes for businesses transformed by AI. Our new imagery shows the people involved in AI initiatives and the resulting impacts in highly regulated industries such as life sciences, the public sector, and financial services. Don’t worry; we remain technologists, so when relevant, we’ll show processes, architecture diagrams, and much more of our platform.

Timely, not trendy

This new brand look is timely. To state the obvious, AI is top of mind for Enterprises.

We enrich our perspective as we gain momentum and work with more new customers than ever. Through our updated brand look, Domino and its ecosystem partners offer insights on leading with AI.

This is just the beginning of our new brand identity. As it unfolds, it will serve as the stage for countless stories, innovations, and successes from our customers, partners, and the Domino team. I’m excited to start this journey, and I hope you’ll enjoy it as well. And, of course, I want to thank the Domino teams that delivered this new brand look in record time, Adesso Associates, our design firm, and our partners in crime, Team.

Thomas is a seasoned marketing executive with global experience building and managing marketing teams that establish brand awareness/market leadership and contribute to revenue. He has held technical and sales roles, though marketing has taught him the importance of alignment across functions. For Thomas, marketing affords him the opportunity to learn and leverage two primary interests: the transformative power of technology, as well as customer experience and interactions. He is a US resident with a French passport and a global perspective that drives his work to impact organizations, build effective marketing teams, and continue learning.



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