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Domino’s Unwavering Commitment to Enterprise AI Innovation Demonstrated with Hat-Trick on Constellation Research's MLOps ShortList

Domino2024-02-14 | 3 min read

Domino Data Lab is proud to announce its third consecutive inclusion on Constellation Research's MLOps ShortList.
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Domino Data Lab is proud to announce its third consecutive inclusion on Constellation Research's MLOps ShortList, a recognition that highlights our pivotal role in helping unleash AI at scale. As the "factory for all AI," Domino empowers the world’s leading enterprises to overcome the challenges of innovation, operations, and risk management for all AI, addressing critical questions about team capabilities, production readiness, and AI governance.

Constellation Research's Vice President and Principal Analyst, Andy Thurai, notes, "Domino's consistent presence on our ShortList showcases their exceptional ability to deliver AI at scale, manage complexities of production, and ensure compliance, making its platform a constant leader in today's fast-evolving AI ecosystem."

Chris Lauren, SVP of Product at Domino, reflects on this achievement, "Being named to the ShortList for the third year underscores our commitment to enabling enterprises to not only navigate the complexities of AI, but to do so responsibly and efficiently. Our platform is the cornerstone for teams to unify, orchestrate, and govern AI applications, fulfilling the promise of AI across industries."

Inclusion in Constellation Research's MLOps ShortList signals top-tier performance in helping enterprises navigate the complex AI landscape. Recognized for excellence in areas such as multi-cloud support, ease of ML model deployment on Kubernetes, and seamless data source integration, solutions like Domino are primed to efficiently manage and scale ML models across diverse infrastructures.

Domino's platform uniquely excels at unifying teams, tools, and data in a cohesive experience to democratize AI, ensuring project reproducibility, reuse, and visibility. Domino's unique platform flexibility also makes it the platform of choice for enterprise-wide AI development and deployment across various environments using a wide array of tools. With this unmatched flexibility and security, we empower enterprises to seamlessly onboard any AI technology and orchestrate it from experimentation to production. Our hybrid architecture supports workloads across any environment, addressing data sovereignty and cost concerns effectively.

With over a decade of experience in scaling AI within highly regulated industries, Domino has become the preferred choice for enterprises looking to deliver on the AI promise. Our clients in life sciences, financial services, and the public sector have accelerated development, significant cost savings, and enhanced regulatory confidence, underscoring the transformative impact of our platform.

As we celebrate this recognition from Constellation Research, we remain dedicated to advancing the field of AI, ensuring that enterprises can innovate at the pace of AI, scale their impact, and uphold the highest standards of responsibility.

Domino Data Lab is more than a platform; it promises to deliver enterprise AI built by everyone, scalable by design, and responsible by default. Learn more about how to make AI accessible, manageable, and beneficial for all.

Domino Data Lab empowers the largest AI-driven enterprises to build and operate AI at scale. Domino’s Enterprise AI Platform unifies the flexibility AI teams want with the visibility and control the enterprise requires. Domino enables a repeatable and agile ML lifecycle for faster, responsible AI impact with lower costs. With Domino, global enterprises can develop better medicines, grow more productive crops, develop more competitive products, and more. Founded in 2013, Domino is backed by Sequoia Capital, Coatue Management, NVIDIA, Snowflake, and other leading investors.



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