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Former Microsoft Azure ML Exec and Forrester Analyst Join Domino Data Lab

Domino Data Lab2022-05-19 | 5 min read

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Chris Lauren and Kjell Carlsson, Ph.D tapped to help Domino’s customer base strategically scale their use of data science

Domino Data Lab is proud to announce it has added MLOps experts from two of the biggest brands in enterprise tech to its team. Chris Lauren has joined Domino as vice president, product from Microsoft, where he led the Azure Machine Learning product team; and Kjell Carlsson, Ph.D., a former Forrester analyst, has joined the company as head of data science strategy & evangelism.

Chris Lauren joins Domino Data Lab from Microsoft

Lauren will lead Domino’s product team to further define and execute on the vision and strategy of the Domino Enterprise MLOps Platform to better enable its customers to accelerate their digital transformation using the power of machine learning.

In his new role, Carlsson will advise Domino customers and prospects on their AI transformation strategies; providing strategic counsel on how enterprises can unleash the business value of data science at scale. He will also play an important role in driving awareness of Domino's market-leading capabilities and work closely with Lauren’s product team on strategy and development.

"Chris and Kjell have broad industry knowledge that will be an incredible asset to our team and our customers,” said Nick Elprin, CEO and co-founder of Domino Data Lab. “Chris is an expert in cloud computing and machine learning with decades of experience delivering products for enterprise customers. And Kjell has had the privilege of advising hundreds of organizations across industries as they progress through their data science and machine learning maturity. That breadth of experience makes him a perfect fit to evangelize our mission to unleash data science. I am thrilled to have them on board.”

Former Forrester analyst Kjell Carlsson joins Domino Data Lab

“While helping many enterprises adopt machine learning at scale, I’ve seen MLOps’ critical role in accelerating model velocity to increase business impact,” said Lauren. “Domino is the only MLOps platform that meets the needs of the most demanding enterprise workloads in an open and flexible way. I hope to establish Domino as the market leading Enterprise MLOps platform for every cloud and on-premises environment, and build on our successes supporting customers in key regulated industries like healthcare, insurance and financial services.”

“Domino is the only company that truly stands up for the modern professional data scientist and is far and away the best choice for enabling enterprises to scale and drive impact with their data science teams across the organization,” said Carlsson “It is a privilege to work with such great enterprises that are thoroughly transforming themselves and implementing the latest machine learning innovations using Domino’s enterprise MLOps platform.”

A true cloud MLOps expert with decades of delivering products at scale

Lauren has spent the last 20+ years at Microsoft leveraging the power of big data and machine learning, leading teams to deliver products and win enterprise customers at scale. He’s an expert in cloud computing with proven ability to work closely with engineering, design, research, marketing, sales, customers and partners to drive product definition and go-to-market strategies.

Mostly recently he’s been leading a product management team in Azure Machine Learning to accelerate enterprise customer growth, MAU and NPS primarily focused on enabling ML professionals and engineers to train, package, deploy and manage machine learning models in the cloud & the edge at scale, with integrated monitoring, alerting and retraining to facilitate a full MLOps lifecycle.

An advocate for the data science community driving Domino customers’ journey to model-driven business

Carlsson has written dozens of reports on topics ranging from conversation intelligence, MLOps, computer vision, and autoML to augmented intelligence, next-generation AI technologies, and data science best practices. He has spoken in countless keynotes, panels, and webinars, and has been frequently quoted in the media.

Before joining Domino, Carlsson was EVP of Product & Strategy at NLU-focused startup, Stratifyd, where he led the product team and redesigned the company strategy. Previously, Kjell was a Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, where he led research on AI, ML, data science, and advanced analytics, advising enterprises and vendors on the technologies, strategies, capabilities, and best practices needed to drive business outcomes. Carlsson received his Ph.D. in Business Economics from the Harvard Business School.

Domino powers model-driven businesses with its leading Enterprise MLOps platform that accelerates the development and deployment of data science work while increasing collaboration and governance. More than 20 percent of the Fortune 100 count on Domino to help scale data science, turning it into a competitive advantage. Founded in 2013, Domino is backed by Sequoia Capital and other leading investors.



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