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Data Science

Visualizing home ownership with small multiples and R

The "small multiples" visualization technique was introduced by Edward Tufte, one of the current gurus of data visualization. In Envisioning Information, he wrote

By Antonio Sánchez Chinchón2 min read

Data Science

Cloud Security: The right way to worry

Here’s a question we hear a lot: We’re not that comfortable with the cloud from a security perspective -- can you install Domino on premise? The answer is yes (we have both an on-premises and cloud-hosted version of the Domino data science platform because that’s what clients want) but we think the central assumption of that question deserves further consideration, because it’s often wrong.

By Matthew Granade11 min read


Data Scientist Interview: Skylar Lyon from EBay for Accenture

We recently caught up with Skylar Lyon, a senior data scientist working at EBay on behalf of Accenture.

By Anna Anisin14 min read

Data Science

Getting error bounds on classification metrics

Error bounds, or lack thereof

By Casson Stallings11 min read


Data Scientist Interview: Jason Toy from Filepicker

We recently caught up with Jason Toy, CEO of, a cloud file management platform for developers. Previously, Jason was a CTO and co-founder of Socmetrics, a topical influencer platform. As CTO at Socmetrics, Jason and his team supplied clients with business intelligence enabling them to extract more value from their current customers.

By Anna Anisin9 min read

Data Science

Check your intentions

It's common knowledge these days that culture is critical to a company's success, and there's no shortage of advice about defining and nurturing the culture at one's startup. This post is an articulation of a key characteristic of the culture we want to engender at Domino: being direct with criticism while striving to make that criticism genuinely constructive.

By Nick Elprin7 min read

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