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Hybrid & Multicloud AI Infrastructure Made Easy with Domino Nexus for Domino Cloud

Recently at Rev4, Domino announced the launch of Domino Nexus for Domino Cloud as well as a specialized Domino Cloud for Life Sciences — our fully-managed private SaaS products. The addition of Domino Nexus gives Domino Cloud customers a single pane of glass where they can run AI and machine learning workloads across any infrastructure — in any cloud(s), region, or on premises. Domino Nexus unifies data science silos across a customer’s infrastructure assets, so they have one place to build, deploy, and monitor models.

By Leila Nouri6 min read

Machine Learning

Domino’s Spring 2023 Release Drives Faster Innovation with Cutting-Edge AI for Every Enterprise

In today's economic environment, all organizations need to unlock greater AI value, faster. 98% of CDOs and CDAOs say the companies that bring AI and ML solutions to market fastest will be the ones who survive and thrive in the upcoming times of economic uncertainty. More than ever, organizations need to scale the creation and operationalization of ML models across their businesses and bring to bear the latest, most powerful AI methods and tools.

By Kjell Carlsson10 min read

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