Hybrid & Multicloud AI Infrastructure Made Easy with Domino Nexus for Domino Cloud

Leila Nouri2023-07-20 | 6 min read

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Recently at Rev4, Domino announced the launch of Domino Nexus for Domino Cloud as well as a specialized Domino Cloud for Life Sciences — our fully-managed private SaaS products. The addition of Domino Nexus gives Domino Cloud customers a single pane of glass where they can run AI and machine learning workloads across any infrastructure — in any cloud(s), region, or on premises. Domino Nexus unifies data science silos across a customer’s infrastructure assets, so they have one place to build, deploy, and monitor models.

Domino Cloud is the private SaaS version of Domino - with all of the functionality, and zero infrastructure setup and management. Most customers like SaaS because they don’t want to manage or support all the infrastructure for AI, however, they also don’t always want the risks associated with having their data leave their private network.

Now, Domino Nexus for Domino Cloud lets you run compute workloads in your own compute clusters, in your on-premise data center or hybrid cloud, keeping data secure within your network perimeter. This helps address data locality and sovereignty requirements, and avoid data transfer fees. With Domino Nexus, enterprises get the best of both worlds - the convenience of SaaS, with the data security, protection and privacy of private clouds.

Whether by choice, regulation, or because of legacy infrastructure investments, most enterprise customers use a range of infrastructures from on-premise data centers, to multiple public clouds.. It’s also not surprising that 46% of data science customers Domino surveyed rely on a hybrid cloud strategy using one or more cloud providers, or on-premises data centers and cloud (called hybrid cloud). Domino Nexus gives enterprises the flexibility to choose the right infrastructure for AI work, without being forced to use one cloud provider or paying cloud provider markups.

Domino Nexus works by placing private data planes in a customer’s environment, so customers never have to move data or risk non-compliance with data locality requirements. The addition of Domino Nexus lets customers store data locally and attach local compute to Domino Cloud.

Figure 1.  above shows an example of a multicloud, hybrid, and multi-region Domino Cloud deployment with Domino Nexus.
Figure 1. above shows an example of a multicloud, hybrid, and multi-region Domino Cloud deployment with Domino Nexus.

One SaaS Does It All

Some of the key benefits of choosing Domino Cloud, include:

Run Workloads Anywhere with Domino Nexus: Domino Cloud enables private data planes on any infrastructure or cloud so customers can get the right performance at the lowest cost, meet data locality requirements, avoid the time and costs involved in data transfers across regions. Customers also avoid vendor lock-in and outage risks from relying on one cloud provider.

Fully-Managed Platform: Domino Cloud frees IT from the burden of managing data infrastructure so they can focus on strategic work instead. Domino handles all IT infrastructure management, setup, maintenance, and troubleshooting for customers.

Enterprise-Grade Security & Compliance: Domino Cloud offers advanced security features including role-based access and SSO, support for AWS Private link to access data securely, automated security updates and patching, encryption at rest and in transit, support for IP whitelisting, and 24/7 proactive security monitoring. Domino Cloud also complies with ISO, GDPR, SOC2 and HIPAA requirements.

Always Access the Latest Innovations: New features and capabilities are added to Domino Cloud regularly without the need for manual updates, and software updates are applied in real-time, so there is zero downtime or disruptions.

No Downtime: Domino Cloud offers a 99.00% uptime Service Level Agreement and Domino performs automated backups of your data, so data can be easily restored in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Learn more about Domino Cloud and Domino Nexus. Learn about Domino’s full Summer’23 Release.

SaaS Anywhere is a Win-Win for Data Scientists & IT

With Domino Cloud and Domino Nexus, data science teams win with one-click access to their favorite tools (R, Jupyter, MATLAB and more), and on-demand infrastructure (Spark, Ray 2.0, and Dask, and NVIDIA GPUs), without taxing IT or worrying about where the platform is hosted, since it can be hosted anywhere, on any infrastructure of their choice.

Domino Cloud is also a win for IT teams because it frees FTEs from the burden of infrastructure management, platform provisioning, maintenance, and upgrades — Domino manages everything for IT, on one platform that’s always evolving. And with the addition of Domino Nexus, data scientists can now select the best infrastructure for their data science workloads, and this is especially important when using expensive and high-performing compute resources like GPUs. Using Domino Nexus also prevents data from moving out of a specific region by keeping it on existing infrastructure, and this helps comply with data locality regulations and avoids data transfer fees.

“IT professionals spend a lot of time building and tearing down infrastructure for data science projects and Domino eliminates this busywork. Nexus also lets IT professionals use on-premise infrastructure in particular, which can be underutilized for GPUs. This goes a long way towards lowering the cost of data science,” notes Vineet Goel, Director of Product Management, at Domino.

Curious to better learn more about how you can more easily take advantage of the potential for cost-savings, better governance and heightened pace of innovation that comes with hybrid and multicloud? Click this link to learn more about Domino Nexus!

Leila Nouri, Domino Data LabLeila Nouri

Leila Nouri, Director of Product Marketing at Domino Data Lab, is an innovative and data-driven product marketing leader with 15+ years of experience building high-performing teams, go-to-market campaigns, and new revenue streams for startups and Fortune 500 companies.



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