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Performing Non-Compartmental Analysis with Julia and Pumas AI

When analysing pharmacokinetic data to determine the degree of exposure of a drug and associated pharmacokinetic parameters (e.g., clearance, elimination half-life, maximum observed concentration $$C_{max}$$, time when the maximum concentration was observed $$T_{max}$$, Non-Compartmental Analysis (NCA) is usually the preferred approach [1].

By Nikolay Manchev10 min read

Addison-Wesley Professional

Techniques for Collecting, Prepping, and Plotting Data: Predicting Social Media-Influence in the NBA

This article provides insight on the mindset, approach, and tools to consider when solving a real-world ML problem. It covers questions to consider as well as collecting, prepping and plotting data.

By Domino31 min read

Addison-Wesley Professional

Time Series with R

This article delves into methods for analyzing multivariate and univariate time series data.

By Domino13 min read

Data Science

MNIST Expanded: 50,000 New Samples Added

This post provides a distilled overview regarding the rediscovery of 50,000 samples within the MNIST dataset.

By Ann Spencer5 min read

Data Science

Learn from the Reproducibility Crisis in Science

Key highlights from Clare Gollnick’s talk, “The limits of inference: what data scientists can learn from the reproducibility crisis in science”, are covered in this Domino Data Science Field Note. The full video is available for viewing here.

By Domino5 min read

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