Leading Biopharmaceutical Companies Unite to Advance SCE with Domino

May 29, 2024

Domino founds SCE Coalition alongside major biopharma customers, unveils Domino Flows and RevX: Life Sciences Edition to help transform the clinical analytics field

SAN FRANCISCO —May 28, 2024— Domino Data Lab, provider of the leading Enterprise AI platform trusted by the largest AI-driven companies, today announced the launch of a new Statistical Computing Environment (SCE) Coalition to overcome clinical research silos and accelerate approval of new lifesaving therapies, and introduced new platform capabilities for life sciences customers. It will showcase the latest platform, with the addition of Domino Flows, this week at RevX: Life Sciences Edition.

Modern pharmaceutical research and development requires teams to adopt an open, cloud-based architecture for all data science and analytics work, with built-in governance for quality and compliance. To achieve this, the SCE Coalition unites experts from top biopharma companies to build new workflows and methods that transform the clinical analytics and SCE field. The founding members of the Coalition include three of the 10 largest pharmaceutical companies.

"We're incredibly proud to help our customers bring new life-saving therapies to market faster," said Nick Elprin, CEO and co-founder of Domino Data Lab. "And we're honored to be a part of the SCE Coalition, helping to accelerate innovation across the industry broadly."

Beginning this week, Domino will organize ongoing SCE Coalition meetings to help guide industry best practices, reimagine the future of clinical technology, and discuss business requirements for modernizing SCE in the AI era.

Key focus areas of the SCE Coalition include:

  • Workflow Management: Setting a new standard in fully GxP-compliant Quality Control (QC) workflows for clinical study QC projects and tasks in a unified, traceable, and accurate way.
  • Reproducibility: Lowering the barriers to demonstrating 100% reproducibility of statistical results, including all artifacts and dependencies, in accordance with health authority requirements.
  • Study Analytics: Developing new methods to further accelerate clinical trials by equipping end users and decision-makers sooner with key metrics needed to take action earlier.

Accelerating Life Sciences Innovation with Integrated Solutions

The introduction of Domino Flows offers customers a new set of orchestration features that automate complex multi-step computations and workflows at scale across the entire AI lifecycle. Built on Domino’s flexible platform architecture, Flows accelerates statistical programming, computational biosciences, and machine learning while ensuring security, governance, and regulatory compliance to responsibly orchestrate workflows and outputs, which improves time-to-impact.

Within an SCE, Flows helps accelerate clinical studies reliably and responsibly, regardless of scale across programs, deliverables, and stakeholders. With Flows, clinical researchers can easily develop and run these study programs spanning different languages, with complex dependencies between the programs and datasets. Flows allows them to visualize these dependencies in a graph, run the study in an automated and reproducible way, and ensure all outputs are properly versioned and tied to the specific programs and people that produced them.

In addition to Flows, Domino has unveiled a suite of advanced platform capabilities designed to enhance productivity and accelerate innovation for life sciences customers.

  • Integrated Quality Control (QC) Goal Tracking allows seamless, traceable management of clinical studies enhancing accountability and accelerating results.
  • An enhanced Git-integrated interface provides a more intuitive experience for statistical programmers, improving version control and fostering innovation.
  • Nextfuse, a Nextflow plug-in developed by KSM Technology Partners, enables efficient authoring, running, and monitoring of Nextflow bioinformatics pipelines with improved scalability and cost control.

RevX: Key Learnings for AI Leaders Driving Life Sciences Innovation

Domino also announced the lineup for RevX: Life Sciences Edition, the premier enterprise AI event tailored for data science and IT leaders within the biopharma sector. Scheduled for May 30 at Convene Commerce Square in Philadelphia, this event is dedicated to accelerating clinical submissions, fostering innovation in pre-clinical research, and harnessing the latest advancements in data science, AI, and GenAI.

Attendees will benefit from strategic insights and operational perspectives on modernizing SCE rapidly and cost-effectively, and walk away with hands-on templates and methodologies for immediate application.

Notable speakers include:

  • Sol Rashidi, Data & AI Strategic Advisor
  • Eileen Ching, Senior Director, Biostatistics Technical Capability Delivery, GSK
  • Saurin Mehta, Senior Director of Technology, GSK
  • Albert Park, Senior Director, Bioinformatics Engineering, Moderna
  • Jeev Kiriella, Director, Commercial Data Science – Head of AI/ML Products, Merck
  • Ronen Artzi, Oncology Data Science and AI, Technology Innovation Lead, AstraZeneca
  • Diya Wynn, Responsible AI Lead, AWS
  • Michael Harnish, President, KSM Technology Partners
  • Keith Parent, CEO, Court Square Group
  • Nick Elprin, CEO and co-founder, Domino

Registration for this opportunity to learn from and network with the pioneers shaping the future of enterprise AI in biopharma is open now at: https://domino.ai/revx/philadelphia

Domino for Clinical Studies

Domino’s unique approach to delivering an SCE optimally uses cloud-native technologies to orchestrate the control and governance required for GxP while maintaining the flexibility critical to increasing clinical trial efficiency. Domino is specifically designed to meet the rigorous compliance standards of the life sciences industry, providing automatic reproducibility and auditability without compromising data access. It allows biopharma organizations to standardize and effectively unleash the power of data science and advanced analytics across the clinical trial lifecycle, ultimately accelerating the time-to-market of novel medicines and vaccines.


  • Domino Flows will be available in public preview in June.
  • Domino’s Integrated Quality Control (QC) Goal Tracking and simplified Git-integrated interface are both available now.
  • Nextfuse is available now from KSM Technology Partners.

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