Introducing Domino Flows: AI orchestration for life sciences made simple

Brian Vogl2024-05-28 | 7 min read

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AI orchestration has become a game-changer in life sciences, enabling the integration and automation of complex data and analytical tasks. It empowers life sciences organizations to accelerate the pace and accuracy of research and development (R&D) in areas such as genomics, drug discovery, and clinical trials, leading to faster identification of drug targets and quicker therapy approvals.

So why isn’t AI flow orchestration being used for everything?

What is a flow: Identifying the value and process

First, let’s take a deeper look into what defines a flow. A flow is a structured framework that includes a series of interconnected steps, tasks, or multiple flows (called sub-flows) that can be executed on its own, or in parallel with dependencies on each other. For example, loading data for processing and testing, then evaluating or training a model with that data until it produces results, is an example of a flow. Flows can integrate advanced computational techniques, statistical methods, and machine learning algorithms to transform raw data into actionable insights.

The challenges encountered with AI orchestration are largely dependent on the capacity to successfully build and arrange highly complex flows — a task easier said than done. This involves:

  • Multi-step, dependency-aware computations
  • Ability to scale efficiently without compromising performance or accuracy
  • Comprehensive security, reproducibility, and compliance

In recognition of both the value and the challenges of orchestrating these complex flows, and to dramatically simplify the process of developing, maintaining, and using them, Domino Data Lab is announcing its latest innovation, Domino Flows, at its premier life sciences AI event, RevX Philadelphia.

Domino Data Lab has long been a leader in AI and data science solutions, offering a unified platform to streamline life sciences R&D processes in the cloud, with Domino Cloud for Life Sciences (DCLS) and on-premises. Researchers and biostatisticians from many of the world’s top pharmaceutical organizations have used Domino’s Enterprise AI Platform to accelerate drug discovery. Common use cases include quickly identifying clinical trial subjects, expediting regulatory submissions, and improving traceability and audit ability through modern statistical computing environments.

Making modern AI orchestration a reality

While Domino has always offered advanced multi-job functionality, Domino Flows takes life sciences AI orchestration to the next level. Equipped with flow visualization, multilingual and multi-infrastructure capabilities, complete flow reproducibility, and the capacity to pinpoint errors and re-execute only failed tasks, Domino Flows offers the most robust and comprehensive workflow solution on the market.

Additionally, Flows is built on the powerful Domino Enterprise AI Platform, bringing Domino’s core advantages of openness, flexibility, scalability, and governance to the dynamic workflow management solution. This powerful combination allows data scientists to orchestrate AI with unprecedented speed and precision, leading to faster identification of potential therapeutic targets and more effective treatments.

Here are a few ways Domino Flows stands out among AI flow solutions.

Comprehensive and flexible

Domino Flows makes it easy to orchestrate computations across all tools, data, and infrastructures and delivers unmatched flexibility. The intuitive interface allows teams to orchestrate flows quickly across any data source, infrastructure, or environment on-premises, in the cloud, or hybrid, using Python, R, SAS, or any other language, making it easier to collaborate on complex multi-step computations. This gives research and clinical teams the flexibility to innovate, break silos, and without DevOps burdens.

Efficient and robust

Efficiency is at the core of Domino Flows, streamlining the orchestration of thousands of resources and tasks reliably to ensure smooth operations and maximum speed. As your flows scale and get more complex, you’ll be able to visualize each end-to-end flow in a graph that acts as your virtual assistant, helping validate flow dependencies, and making it easy to identify the root cause of execution errors. By running data and model pipelines on a scalable platform, teams can focus on model performance and quality instead of mundane pipelining tasks. This capability unlocks the total value of AI across the business, accelerating innovation, and supercharging productivity.

Responsible and compliant

Compliance is built into the foundation of everything Domino does and is one of the key reasons they are a leader in life sciences. That’s why it’s no surprise that Domino Flows orchestrates flows responsibly with built-in security and governance. It maintains accurate, traceable records and completely reproducible flows, facilitating confident adherence to industry regulations. By orchestrating AI and analytics reliably and responsibly, Domino Flows reduces compliance risk and ensures that pipelines are secure and compliant to meet the needs of highly regulated industries like life sciences.

Flows backed by the power of Domino

Domino Flows, supported by the powerful capabilities of the Domino Enterprise AI Platform, revolutionizes AI orchestration in life sciences. It provides comprehensive, scalable, and compliant solutions for GxP and non-GxP work, empowering biopharma organizations to accelerate drug development and achieve their R&D goals with unprecedented efficiency and confidence. By addressing critical pain points like technical debt, funding, and trust issues, Domino Flows is the ideal solution for data scientist leaders, IT executives, biostatisticians, and bioinformaticians looking to automate flows — while minimizing risks and accelerating time to value.

Next steps

View the Domino Flows demo and see why successful life science organizations leverage Domino to ensure compliance while fostering responsible and safer AI.

Brian is the Senior Product Marketing Manager for Life Sciences at Domino. He has experience in marketing, product management, and analytics management roles in SaaS and life sciences industries.

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