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4 reasons why you need to be at RevX

Domino2024-04-17 | 6 min read

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In 2024, the pressure to "do" AI has never been greater, and the challenge for data science and IT leaders is to navigate the complex and multilayered AI ecosystem to identify the value they can drive for their business and how to do it.

According to a recent BARC survey of 335 data science and IT leaders, “Over 95% of respondents are currently addressing their plans for AI. However, only 20.5% can be characterized as being in a state of ‘High Readiness.’ Respondents have made the most progress in the area of security standards and compliance, with 56% saying they have either formalized or are reviewing/revising their initiatives.”

Understanding how to navigate the complex transition to unique technology like AI and generative AI (GenAI) requires the proper strategies, plans, and skillsets for successful AI innovation implementation. On the brightside, as your peers have conveyed in the BARC report, you’re not alone in these responsible AI initiatives! As you embark on this journey, Domino is happy to provide you with strategic considerations and recommendations — and be a helpful resource for industry and technology insights.

The best hands-on learning experience for data science and IT leaders is a one-day free event called RevX. Reaching multiple cities, RevX will be headed your way, so you can discuss top-of-mind, vertical-specific topics related to AI and GenAI, and walk away with new and thought-provoking strategies for implementation.

To recap, here are four reasons why you can’t miss RevX:

1. Meet like-minded peers and build valuable connections

Top data science and IT executives and leaders — in addition to AI thought leaders who are changing the game in the industry — will be at RevX. It will be the perfect place to collaborate with colleagues, share challenges and possible solutions, and forge strategic partnerships for future success.

The agenda will be jam-packed with inspiring speakers, interactive breakout sessions, and networking opportunities. There will be plenty of windows for real-time conversations, time to build new working relationships, solve the most pressing problems, and spur innovation.

Domino executives and AI strategists will be available to meet with you to discuss your organization’s AI strategies and goals. Domino’s engineering team will also be accessible — the geniuses behind Domino’s leading enterprise AI platform. Who better to talk with about accelerating the development and deployment of your data science work? Or about increasing collaboration and governance? They believe model-driven business is the future and they will be on-site ready to connect in person, answer questions, help as needed, and get the creativity flowing.

2. Gain thought-provoking insights from AI leaders

At RevX, you’ll hear from leaders leveraging all forms of AI to shape their businesses and establishing responsible AI practices to accelerate impact and drive more value. They’ll share how they overcame obstacles and:

  • Scale AI by aligning their organization and infrastructure to deliver at the pace of AI innovation
  • Consistently deliver ROI by focusing on business outcomes and keeping costs in control
  • Minimize risks and maximize opportunities by making all AI initiatives responsible by default

You can expect to learn from these speakers and companies:

  • Domino Advisor, Linda Avery
  • Cybersyn, Alex Izydorczyk
  • EY, John Thompson
  • FINRA, Ivan Black
  • Influencer, Sol Rashidi
  • GSK, Eileen Ching
  • GSK, Saurin Mehta
  • Ex-Moderna, Dave Johnson
  • KSM, Mike Harnish
  • Moderna, Albert Park
  • Merck, Jeev Kiriella
  • CSG, Keith Parent
  • MIT Corporation/Zetta Ventures, Mark Gorenberg
  • TIAA, John Almasan
  • Direct Line Group, Raj Mukherjee
  • BNP Paribas Cardif, Sebastien Conort
  • WPP, Daniel Hulme

3. Uncover life sciences and financial services trends, challenges, and solutions

Where is innovation going in the health and life sciences industries, and who’s driving it? From federated learning to train new models, to AI and ML-enhanced searches for new medicines and treatments, to making the business of life sciences more efficient, innovators are finding new ways to apply AI, machine learning, and other aspects of data science.

At RevX, you’ll hear from life sciences companies like GSK, Moderna, FogPharma, and Merck, who will discuss topics including: next-gen statistical computing environment (SCE), data science innovation through collaboration, secret sauce of AI value, how to operate your data science practice, AstraZeneca’s FAIRR Framework for modernizing drug discovery, and scaling GxP-compliant AI with Domino Cloud for Life Sciences.

Similar for financial services — what are the current findings and trends for AI? Experts will uncover top use cases and solutions for AI/ML in financial services today. You’ll hear from companies such as EY, Cybersyn, and FINRA, who will address topics including: AI trends in financial services, cost-effective AI with FinOps, AI success requires Data as a Service, AI in the cloud, AI’s growing role in insurance, and transforming research with GenAI.

4. Attend a one-day, free event, in a city near you

Unlike the prior Rev events, this year Domino is making RevX more accessible and available to you as a one-day, free event! It is a four-city tour, including life sciences and financial services editions, too. Here’s a breakdown of the tour information:

  • New York, financial services edition – Tuesday, May 22 at Convene 101 Park Avenue
  • Philadelphia, life sciences edition – Thursday, May 30 at Convene Commerce Square
  • London – Thursday, June 13 at CodeNode

RevX is an experience unlike any other data science or AI event — and you don’t want to miss out! Register now to reserve your one-day, free pass, close to a city near you.

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