Domino Flows

Complex AI flows made simple

Simplify complex multi-step computations across any infrastructure for robust and responsible AI flows.

Domino Flows makes modern AI orchestration a reality

Take enterprise AI orchestration to the next level with Domino Flows. Automate complex flows across the entire AI lifecycle and maximize impact by weaving AI throughout your business.

Comprehensive & flexible

Build and manage any type of multi-step computation — data, analytics, machine learning, or generative AI. Orchestrate across any mix of your tools, languages, and infrastructure for maximum flexibility.

Robust & efficient

Ensure consistent and reliable execution of flows comprising thousands of tasks and resources, with optimal resource utilization, minimizing downtime and errors as well as costs.

Reproducible & compliant

Deliver fully traceable, versioned, and secure, reproducible flows, ensuring regulatory compliance and reducing audit burdens.

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Maximum Impact

Design efficient, modern AI flows

Define flows consisting of up to hundreds of interconnected tasks. Each job can use different environments, hardware tiers, code, and data assets. Easily customize flows using variable parameters. Flows can be defined dynamically based on loops or conditional statements.

Automate workflows

Higher productivity

Schedule flows for faster time to value

Flows can be triggered on a recurring schedule to re-execute on a regular basis, automating recurring tasks for more efficient flows and higher productivity. Use caching to reduce costs.

Visualize complex, multi-step flows

At a glance

Visualize complex, multi-step flows

Domino Flows includes a visualization for understanding entire flows at a glance, validating flows, and quickly identifying and troubleshooting errors.

Optimize flows with visual timelines

visual timelines

Optimize flows with visual timelines

A visual timeline (Gantt chart) of steps in the flow enables a quick view of where bottlenecks may be occurring. Optimize processing for individual steps to ensure efficient, cost-effective flows.

Track all of your workflows

Share and reproduce

Track all of your flows at every stage

Domino Flows tracks flows so you can browse flows, execution status and other relevant information. Annotate flows with tags, descriptions, and other metadata to make them discoverable. Every flow can be shared and is fully reproducible.

Automatically recover from errors efficiently

Recover Quickly

Automatically recover from errors efficiently

Domino Flows can be configured to automatically rerun upon failures. When flows need to be executed again, it will only rerun the failed tasks and reuse the results from the successful ones.

Cache outputs for cost-effective workflows

Maximize efficiency

Cache outputs for cost-effective flows

Outputs of a task can be cached and reused in future scenarios where the results do not need to be re-computed which enables flows to run efficiently and cost-effectively.

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