Enterprise Data Science Field Guides

Managing Data Science

Content for data science managers about building, managing, and growing successful data science teams and executing impactful projects.

Building Data Science Teams

Everything you need to know as a data science leads tasked with assembling and building teams.

Hiring Data Science Teams

This field guide will teach you about key aspects of hiring a top-class data science team, deep diving into the process of recruiting, interviewing and evaluating data science candidates.

Managing Data Science Teams

Whether you're managing a team today or preparing to launch one, this field guide will make you a better data science manager in the enterprise.

Managing Data Science Projects

Data science requires its own lifecycle and methodology. A defined process for choosing projects, managing them through deployment, and maintaining models post-deployment.

Building and Scaling Infrastructure

Content for IT Leaders about tooling, governance, and cloud infrastructure.

Data Science Infrastructure

Learn how to modernize IT's infrastructure approach to ensure data science teams perform their best, and maximize impact to the business

Data Science Platforms

Learn about the types of data science platforms, the challenges they solve, and how to choose whether to build or buy an enterprise data science platform

MLOps in the Enterprise

Content for data science managers and IT professionals to help develop strategies for becoming a model-driven business in the enterprise.

Enterprise MLOps

Learn how Enterprise Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) allows organizations to scale data science by progressing through the data science lifecycle faster with enterprise capabilities.

Model Management

Learn about the practice of model management, an organizational capability to develop and deliver models that create a competitive advantage.