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Data Scientist Interview: Eduardo Arino de la Rubia from Ingram

We recently caught up with Eduardo Arino de la Rubia - a principal developer for the Ingram Content Group, holding two roles in the company. In the first of these two roles, Eduardo works with Lightning Source, a print-on-demand provider. Manufacturing books on demand has all sorts of interesting data science applications, from attempting to predict downtime and using machine vision and image processing for quality control, all the way through natural language processing to understanding the content that passes through their facilities. Eduardo also works with Ingram’s Chief Venture Capital officer to fund interesting startups. He is a big proponent of using data science in the due diligence process for early to mid-stage venture investing.

By Anna Anisin16 min read

Data Science

User stories: how Domino helps a data scientist create "unicorn-level deliverables"

We asked our users to tell us stories about how they're using Domino. This is what we heard from Laura Lorenz, a Data Scientist at StockUp.

By Nick Elprin4 min read

Data Science

A Mongo-based Cache Plugin for Play

A quick engineering-related post: we built a cache plugin for Play that uses capped collections in Mongo. It's available on Github if you'd like to use it.

By Nick Elprin1 min read

Data Science

Don't get Hadooped

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By Nick Elprin7 min read

Data Science

R Notebooks in the Cloud

We recently added a feature to Domino that lets you spin up an interactive R session on any class of hardware you choose, with a single click, enabling more powerful interactive, exploratory work in R without any infrastructure or setup hassle. This post describes how and why we built our "R Notebook" feature.

By Nick Elprin5 min read

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