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Gourav Singh Bais

Gourav is an Applied Machine Learning Engineer at ValueMomentum Inc. His focus is in developing Machine Learning/Deep learning pipelines, retraining systems, and transforming Data Science prototypes to production-grade solutions. He has consulted for a wide array of Fortune 500 Companies, which has provided him the exposure to write about his experience and skills that can contribute to the Machine Learning Community.

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Data Science

Deep Learning & Machine Learning Applications in Financial Services

In the last few years, machine learning and deep learning have become a core part of fields like healthcare, retail, banking, and insurance. This list can go on indefinitely—there's almost no field where machine learning (ML) is not applied to improve the overall efficiency and accuracy of systems. As the world's economy has rapidly grown, so has the need to do things automatically.

By Gourav Singh Bais39 min read


Parallel Computing with Dask: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

It’s now normal for computational power to be improved continuously over time. Monthly, or at times even weekly, new devices are being created with better features and increased processing power. However, these enhancements require intensive hardware resources. The question then is, Are you able to use all the computational resources that a device provides? In most cases, the answer is no, and you’ll get an out of memory error. But how can you make use of all the computational resources without changing the underlying architecture of your project?

By Gourav Singh Bais15 min read

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