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Josh Poduska

Josh Poduska is the Chief Field Data Scientist at Domino Data Lab and has 20+ years of experience in analytics. Josh has built data science solutions across domains including manufacturing, public sector, and retail. Josh has also managed teams and led data science strategy at multiple companies, and he currently manages Domino’s Field Data Science team. Josh has a Masters in Applied Statistics from Cornell University. You can connect with Josh at https://www.linkedin.com/in/joshpoduska/


The Evolution of AI -- Plus 3 Traits Needed to Survive the Next Mass Extinction

The evolution of technology, much like the evolution of life on our planet, has been characterized by steady progress interspersed with occasional mass extinctions and bursts of innovative new life. We are fortunate to be experiencing one of those evolutionary inflection points. Innovations in data science and AI abound and are already changing the very nature of business and life. With this technological boom comes real risks for organizations who do not acquire the survival traits of the new era.

By Josh Poduska9 min read


A Unique Country-to-Country COVID-19 Comparison

Like all of you, my mind and my life has been caught up in the COVID-19 pandemic. As I watched the coronavirus spread through communities and nations, I found myself wanting a deeper look at the data behind all of this. After scouring webpages, blogs, and data sources, I found a reliable data source and used my background in data science to investigate hypotheses and share insights with others.

By Josh Poduska5 min read

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