Scaling GenAI: Experimentation to Transformation

A Domino Virtual Event Series

Generative AI is transforming the way we do business. The technology is rapidly progressing from experimental novelty to a core business enabler. Domino's video channel, Scaling Gen AI, will help enterprise teams overcome the hype and take action. The channel offers two series focused on the needs of leaders and practitioners.

The Executive Insight series offers the strategic guidance you need. We will help you choose between traditional and generative models. You will learn what tools you need, the risks, and how to successfully navigate the path to ROI. Find when to go big with models and when small means better. Most importantly, we discuss and demonstrate how to scale this revolutionary technology.

The Builder's Toolkit series will give practitioners a clear overview of the latest techniques, models, and tools. Get started on Domino with prompt engineering, vector embeddings, fine-tuning while saving time and reducing costs. Deal with large models using clusters and multiple GPUs. See how to get models to production faster and responsibly and monitor model performance with the latest innovations.

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Executive Insight Series

Strategic guidance for understanding and planning for this transformative technology

The Builder’s Toolkit Series

Practical implementation aspects, tools, and knowledge needed to make GenAI meet your use cases

Executive Insight Series

Building Genai with Global Impact

Lessons from the First GenAI Killer App

  • Key capabilities for operationalizing GenAI models at scale
  • Success factors for GenAI use cases
  • Common challenges and how to avoid them
  • Inferencing GenAI models cost-effectively

Anaconda CEO Peter Wang

Reflections on the Anniversary of ChatGPT

  • The state of GenAI: where GenAI is delivering and missing expectations
  • The challenges: the real risks and remaining barriers to impact
  • The future: what advances are underway and what can we expect over the next year

episode 3

You have a working GenAI PoC. Now what?

  • Overcome generative AI skills gap
  • Organizational approaches
  • Teaching leaders what GenAI brings to the table
  • Hosting your models and applications
  • Creating a virtuous cycle: moving from one-off success to organizational transformation.

Future-Proof Generative AI Capabilities

Manage Innovation without Losing Your Sanity

  • Future Proofing
  • Readiness
  • Securely incorporate non-stop innovation
  • Dramatically rising costs
  • Why you need to unify
  • Domino Cost Management Tools

Episode 5

Generative AI for Regulated Industries

  • Why GenAI makes FSI/HLS leaders lose sleep
  • Responsible Generative AI: The risks and how to mitigate them
  • Data responsibility and privacy
  • Fairness and explainability

Episode 6

Operationalizing GenAI Cost-effectively

  • From PoCs and prototypes to production: Day 2 with Generative AI
  • How to scale GenAI across the organization and standardize

Builder's Toolkit Series

Episode 1

Fine-tuning Large Language Models

  • Review the motivation and theory behind PEFT (parameter-efficient fine-tuning) techniques
  • Discover the power of quantization with the Hugging Face Trainer on Domino using Falcon-40b
  • Investigate LoRA with the Falcon-7b LLM using PyTorch Lightning

Episode 2

Prompt Engineering Jumpstart

  • Understand the structure of prompts.
  • Help LLM understand what you need using zero-shot, one-shot, and few-shot in-context training.
  • Work faster by reusing your prompts and leveraging open-source prompt template libraries.
  • Explore automation techniques such as prompt chaining.

Episode 3

Navigating the Fragmented GenAI Ecosystem

  • Ecosystem fragmentation
  • Typical ML vs. LLM lifecycle
  • Prompt Engineering, Vector Databases, Pinecone
  • Connecting to a LLM Service from Domino
  • Using vector embeddings/RAG
  • Creating an application mixing a Domino model API with an existing model

Builder's Toolkit: Episode 4

Advanced Efficient Fine-tuning and Hyperparameter Tuning; Ray and Deepspeed ZeRO

Builder's Toolkit: Episode 5

Deployment and inference; Techniques for serving your model on Domino

Builder's Toolkit: Episode 6

Responsible Generative AI: Ensuring safe deployment, monitoring, observability