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An expert’s guide to surviving and thriving as an AI leader in a GenAI world

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AI leaders. Why do we need them? How do you become one? And above all, how do you keep your job as one? Join this webinar featuring Dr. Kjell Carlsson, Head of AI Strategy at Domino Data Lab, and guest speaker Forrester Research’s VP, Principal Analyst Mike Gualtieri as we unpack the opportunities, pitfalls, and best practices of the AI leader role.

Whether you are a newly appointed Chief AI Officer, an engaged CDO/CAO/CDAO, a head of machine learning, a data science team lead, a business leader, or just an ambitious practitioner — you will enjoy a fascinating discussion covering:

  • The role of leadership in driving value with AI/ML
  • Building a diversified AI/ML product portfolio
  • The opportunities and pitfalls of GenAI
  • How to be responsible for Responsible AI
  • Futureproofing for rapid technological change and upcoming AI regulation

Featured Speakers

Guest Speaker: Mike Gualtieri

VP, Principal Analyst

Mike's research focuses on AI technologies, platforms, and practices that enable technology professionals to deliver applications that lead to prescient digital experiences and breakthrough operational efficiency. His key technology coverage areas are AI and emerging technologies that make software faster, smarter, and transformative for global enterprises and organizations. He advises business and technology leaders around the world on the intersection of business strategy, AI, and digital transformation.
Mike has authored more than 130 research reports and is a recipient of the Forrester Courage Award for making bold calls that inspire Forrester clients to make great business and technology decisions.
He is a frequent and highly sought-after speaker at industry, corporate, and technology events for his audience-designed, insightful, and energetic speeches.
Mike provides technology vendors with actionable advisory sessions on technology buying trends, strategy advice, messaging, product roadmaps, and buyer personas for the areas he directly covers. He also offers “what-if” investment advisory for clients who wish to invest in or launch new products in the markets he covers.

Kjell Carlsson, Ph.D.

AI Strategist & Evangelist

Kjell Carlsson is the head of AI strategy at Domino Data Lab where he advises organizations on scaling impact with AI technologies. Previously, he covered AI, ML, and data science as a Principal Analyst at Forrester Research. He has written dozens of reports on AI topics ranging from computer vision, MLOps, AutoML, and conversation intelligence to augmented intelligence, next-generation AI technologies, and data science best practices. He has spoken in countless keynotes, panels, and webinars, and is frequently quoted in the media. Dr. Carlsson is also the host of the Data Science Leaders podcast and received his Ph.D. from Harvard University.