Fine-tuning with PEFT using NVIDIA NeMo in Domino

Tuesday, June 4th 9am PST | 12pm EST | 5pm BST

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Are you ready to transform your AI capabilities with generative AI and large language models (LLMs) using your proprietary data? The potential is immense, but development can be resource-intensive and time-consuming. That's where Domino, alongside NVIDIA NeMo Framework, steps in to accelerate your journey.

The NVIDIA NeMo Framework accelerates LLM training by up to 30% (models ranging from 22 billion to 1 trillion parameters) — a quick, efficient, containerized framework for model training, evaluation, and inference. In this session, we’ll use NVIDIA NeMo Megatron — a powerful transformer developed by the Applied Deep Learning Research team at NVIDIA — to fine-tune using parameter efficient fine-tuning (PEFT) on Domino’s Enterprise AI Platform.

In this episode, we’ll walk through an end-to-end model lifecycle example, covering:

  1. How Domino’s AI Project Hub integrates seamlessly with NVIDIA’s NeMo Toolkit and AI solutions.
  2. Customizing a data science environment for fine-tuning tasks in Domino’s platform while optimizing resource utilization and performance.
  3. Using NVIDIA NeMo Megatron to encode text prompts and generate task-specific virtual tokens.