Domino for clinical development

Accelerate the discovery and delivery of novel medicines and vaccines

Driving digital transformation

Domino is a modern, flexible, and extensible Statistical Computing Environment (SCE) that offers language, IDE, and workflow flexibility and tracking – with full traceability and reproducibility.

The platform includes a robust data-sharing framework for more efficient delivery of statistical analyses for clinical submissions and other post-hoc analyses and AI/ML workloads.

Data scientists and statistical programmers at some of the world’s largest healthcare and life science companies use Domino to:

  • Expedite quality clinical submissions by embedding evidence of QC, traceability, and reproducibility into the workflow.
  • Simplify the unblinding process.
  • Quickly respond to post-hoc analysis requests.
  • Easily develop models and recommendations by combining clinical data with data from external sources, such as biomarker data, genomics data, etc.
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Flexible and collaborative

Complex pipeline orchestration for R&D, made simple

Domino Flows takes data and AI/ML workflow orchestration for life sciences to the next level. Leverage the broadest set of tools, languages, and infrastructures, with all the necessary controls and governance to stay compliant.

  • Flexibility to share and reuse any flow to enhance collaboration.
  • Efficiently orchestrate thousands of resources and tasks quickly and reliably
  • Enhanced compliance with accurate, traceable, and reproducible records of data analysis and reporting
  • Visualize, monitor, and troubleshoot flow executions

Flexible Workflows

Flexibility without sacrificing governance

Domino’s unique governance framework and integration capabilities give teams the flexibility to design workflows around their purpose rather than worrying about or feeling constrained by compliance.


  • Manage versions of source code natively or sync with external code repositories (e.g., GitHub or GitLab).
  • Track team progress using integrated project management capabilities, or sync status seamlessly to Jira.
  • Collaborate effortlessly with internal peers, CROs, regulators, and other key stakeholders.
  • Use advanced analytics and AI/ML for both biostatistics and research functions on a unified platform.

Governed Access to Data

Easy access to data, without compromising security

With Domino, you have access to a wide variety of data sources with stringent protocols in place for data security and governance. The platform simplifies the unblinding process, and clinical study data can be easily used in other analytics and data science workflows.


  • Automate the delivery of statistical results by sharing data from other Domino projects.
  • Manage data more effectively with integrated version control.
  • Share study data with authorized individuals without making copies for other analytics workflows such as safety monitoring and non-study analysis.
  • Integrate with established company SSO and LDAP solutions.
  • Maintain strict governance and control over sensitive data.

Multilingual Infrastructure

Full breadth of analytic infrastructure and tools

Domino supports a wide variety of open-source and commercial tools and languages, including Python, R, and SAS. Your team can keep pace with the ever-expanding set of tools and infrastructure.


  • Collaborate with your study team using your preferred language, IDE, and compute infrastructure.
  • Use the latest open-source algorithms for deep learning and other advanced AI and machine learning techniques.
  • Configure validated and non-validated workspaces, and allow or restrict use by team or organization.
  • Onboard new users faster, attract and retain talent, and upskill teams more effectively.
  • Integrate with internal/third-party systems via robust APIs.
Accuracy, Traceability, Reproducibility icon

Embedded GxP Compliance

Accuracy, traceability, and reproducibility

Domino provides granular governance without compromising flexibility. It offers out-of-the-box traceability and reproducibility of results in fully audited and versioned job executions, including QC.


  • Tell the complete story by viewing the automated audit trail of every job execution in a project, including a comparison of the output before and after the execution.
  • Easily view within an immutable audit record, the version of the input data, code, environment, and output data related to a job execution for full traceability.
  • Easily demonstrate 100% reproducibility of statistical results, including all artifacts and dependencies, in accordance with health authority requirements.
Domino Cloud illustration


Domino Cloud for Life Sciences

Accelerate R&D with a fully-managed SaaS and audit-ready SCE platform that supports GxP compliance. Domino Cloud also offers flexibility in data, tools and languages with traceability and reproducibility.


  • Secure and private single-tenant SaaS
  • Fast and easy setup and onboarding
  • Worry-free upgrades and patches
  • Hosted and managed on ARCC
  • Qualified, validated installations, upgrades with audit-trails
  • Supports compliance with 21 CFR Part 11, EudraLex Annex 11, WHO Annex 5, GDPR, and HIPAA requirements


Testing thousands of hypotheses with an FDA-qualified research platform

A global biopharmaceutical leader has implemented an FDA-qualified system of record on the Domino platform to streamline its entire research and development pipeline—from drug discovery to laboratory automation to customer analytics—ultimately paving the way toward faster medical advances.


Embracing flexibility and innovation to modernize clinical trial analytics and reporting

Join Eileen Ching, Director of Clinical Programming, Research & Development at GSK, and Caroline Phares, Head of Health and Life Sciences at Domino Data Lab, as they reflect on the challenges, lessons learned, and unexpected delights along this journey of digital transformation and modernization of the GSK statistical computing environment (SCE).

Learn why Domino is powering digital transformation at many of the world’s leading health and life sciences organizations