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Reduction in idle infrastructure costs
Reduction in effort to recreate lost work
Reduction in IT support for data science
ROI as measured by Forrester Consulting

There’s tremendous innovation happening in data science, and as an IT leader you want to be the strategic partner enabling data science teams to do their best work. But, this is a daunting goal when data science has grown organically, with different teams having different sets of tools, infrastructure, and processes to build models that may not align with critical IT and security standards. Our DataIQ survey showed that one out of three organizations (33.7%) sees ‘conflict between data science and IT’ as a top challenge to data and analytics success. How can you partner better with data science leaders?

Why Domino?

Domino centralizes data science infrastructure so you can scale how you manage teams and projects, improve collaboration, and accelerate project delivery.

Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

Reduce cost and avoid lock-in by dynamically managing on-premise GPUs and cloud resources by user or by project

Simplified Support & Management

Centralize infrastructure on a modern, Kubernetes-based platform that reduces silos and data science support requests

Increased Security & Governance

Migrate local workloads to a centralized system to make infrastructure management and policy enforcement easy

542% ROI with Domino. Seriously.

Our customers always brag about the value of Domino. Now, a new Forrester study shows why. Get the Total Economic Impact study to see for yourself or calculate your ROI based on the study.

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