Reproduce Everything

Domino is the #1 platform for AI reproducibility — so you can compound knowledge, iterate faster, and ensure compliance.


Domino records all code, package versions, and data so teams can share and recreate findings, and save time by learning from each other.


Domino automatically records all project lineage - without any user intervention - for consistency, audits, and compliance.


Reproducibility is seamlessly integrated across the AI lifecycle - for development, experimentation, model validation, and remediation.

Share Knowledge

A single system of record and source of truth captures all shared knowledge and artfiacts across projects, users, teams, tools, and environments.

Key Capabilities

Reuse Work


Reuse Work

Domino helps you avoid reinventing the wheel and stop starting from scratch. All model lineage is automatically tracked so teams can find projects others have successfully delivered, clone them, and build on that knowledge. Easily find and import files, libraries, and environment variables from others, to reuse in your project and deliver new value.


Iterate Faster

Fine-tune existing models to iterate faster and build an evolving foundation of AI knowledge. Domino automatically records all code, data, and environments so all work is centralized, discoverable, and 100% reproducible.


Mitigate Compliance Risks

Address regulatory requests and build trust with auditors through full model traceability, lineage and experiment tracking, reproducibility, and test validation.

Built-In Version Tracking

Domino automatically tracks data lineage, provenance, and relevant metadata. Audit trail functionality records all data access and allows model approvers to confirm compliance with regulatory standards and enterprise security and audit policies. Auditors can restore one part of a project to an old state, run current code on an older version of data, and view and revert file revisions.


Reproduce Any Job

When an interactive, scheduled batch job finishes executing in Domino, Domino detects and records changes. Domino tracks Jobs initiated from a web GUI, CLI, or the Domino API, and all past jobs are browsable in the Jobs Dashboard.


Log All Communications

Remove knowledge silos by retaining all logged conversations and retaining team feedback as artifacts, in one project canvas. Track team actions, measure progress, and maintain project evolution metadata - beyond code.

Trusted by Leading Model-Driven Enterprises

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“Experiments can be replicated with a few clicks, reducing audits from months to days.” — Bristol Myers Squibb

“Domino has made it easier for users across the global enterprise ... to work with each other, leverage past work, and collaborate quickly.” — Bayer


what's new

Unified Data Access & Governance

A comprehensive interface to access and govern your data.

what's new

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Innovate responsibly with AI and GenAI at the speed of business.



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