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Mastering the art of AI leadership in times of transformation

Domino2024-04-23 | 3 min read

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AI will impact every company, and CEOs are leaving no business unit unturned. However, a recent survey Domino sponsored highlighted one big problem: a shortage of AI-ready people. You need folks who have experience with the technology to help you embed AI into your operations. Rarer than those, however, are AI leaders. They are the people who can straddle both the business and AI worlds and bring ideas to fruition across the company.

But how do you find people like that? How do you become a leader if you are a data science or AI professional? If you already have that coveted and demanding role, how do you survive and thrive to deliver the results everyone is expecting from AI?

Domino's Kjell Carlsson and guest speaker Forrester Research's visionary VP and Principal Analyst, Mike Gaultieri are here to help you answer these pressing issues. You can watch their insightful conversation on Domino's upcoming webinar, "An expert's guide to surviving and thriving as an AI leader in a GenAI world."

Here's Mike and Kjell’s agenda:

  • What makes for a great AI leader? The career backgrounds companies should look for and the experience leaders need to get models into production.
  • How do you transition from traditional analytics to AI-driven models? The focus is shifting from data insights to using AI models in software. Kjell and Mike discuss what leaders must do to succeed in this transition.
  • What are the best ways to integrate GenAI into existing software? GenAI integration is fraught with pitfalls. It often requires lengthy trial and error. Hear how AI leaders bridge traditional software development and AI deployment.
  • How does AI leadership fit as a business role? Learn why AI leaders must possess both business and technical expertise. Mike and Kjell review how leaders can align and prioritize AI use cases with business goals. They also touch on the emerging AI project planning and implementation risks.
  • How do you future-proof your company for AI innovation and regulatory change? Your team and infrastructure must be ready for change. At the same time, maintaining AI project regulatory compliance is tough. Discover how an enterprise AI platform can help and support AI project success and foster collaboration with company compliance teams.

In summary, the webinar offers a deep dive into the role of the AI leader. They are corporate innovation catalysts, visionaries with feet firmly planted in day-to-day delivery realities. Understand their unique attributes and how they can shift your company towards an AI-driven culture. Better yet, find out how an AI platform can help prepare for change and enable collaboration inside and across teams.

Whether you're looking to grow as an AI leader, drive impactful initiatives, or strategically align your AI projects with corporate goals — plan this webinar into your busy schedule. Register today and start optimizing your AI leadership journey.

Domino Data Lab empowers the largest AI-driven enterprises to build and operate AI at scale. Domino’s Enterprise AI Platform unifies the flexibility AI teams want with the visibility and control the enterprise requires. Domino enables a repeatable and agile ML lifecycle for faster, responsible AI impact with lower costs. With Domino, global enterprises can develop better medicines, grow more productive crops, develop more competitive products, and more. Founded in 2013, Domino is backed by Sequoia Capital, Coatue Management, NVIDIA, Snowflake, and other leading investors.

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