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Visit Domino at PHUSE to learn how a better statistical computing environment (SCE) capable of using both the R programming language and SAS accelerates innovation.

Moving Faster: How Can a Modern Statistical Computing Environment Promote Innovation and Accelerate Clinical Trials?

Will the adoption of new tools and methodologies promote greater innovation and quicker development of new therapies for patients in need? That is a possible result of the FDA’s growing acceptance of the use of the R programming language in the statistical analysis and reporting for clinical trial submissions, which has long been the nearly exclusive province of SAS.

By Caroline Phares5 min read


Why 'the Cloud' Isn't Enough Anymore: Domino Showcases Hybrid/Multi-Cloud MLOps at NVIDIA GTC

Update 9/23/2022: See what we announced at NVIDIA GTC: "Domino Data Lab Announces New Ecosystem Solutions with NVIDIA to Accelerate Hybrid and Multi-cloud MLOps Journey"

By David Schulman6 min read


Top Innovator John Thompson: Why Managing Analytics Teams & Data Scientists Is a Unique Problem

Has the management of data science teams kept up with the meteoric rise of the discipline? A recent Domino Data Lab ebook, The Data Science Innovator’s Playbook, explores new approaches and thinking on the problem, from top data science innovators who have had a hand in building some of the world’s most successful teams. Some of them say that managing data science and analytics is a distinct, new problem that demands fresh approaches and rethinking old ideas learned in managing other types of teams, such as IT, operations personnel, and software developers.

By Lisa Stapleton4 min read


NVIDIA’s Mona Flores: How Medical AI and Federated Learning Power Innovation

What if machine learning and data scattered around the world held the keys to the cures for a variety of rare or new diseases? Until recently, it was often nearly impossible to use that data, due in part to the data privacy restrictions in place around the world. That’s starting to change, thanks to federated learning and the innovative work of doctors such as Mona Flores, head of medical AI at NVIDIA.

By Lisa Stapleton4 min read


Eight Considerations When Choosing a Data Store for Data Science

Selecting the right technology that enables data scientists to focus on data science and not IT infrastructure will help enterprises reap the benefits of their investments in data science and machine learning.

By Nikolay Manchev18 min read


4 Ways to Better Manage and Govern Financial Services and Insurance Models

The financial services industries are starting to realize the full import of the fact that, like household chores like dishwashing and garden work, ML models are never really done. Rather, AI and ML models need to be monitored for validity, and often, they also need to be re-explained and re-documented for regulators. So the spotlight is on model risk management (MRM) and governance (MRG), two related critical processes for financial services and insurance companies, and the importance of these two disciplines is only expected to grow.

By Nathan Greenhut9 min read

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