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David Schulman

David Schulman is a data and analytics ecosystem enthusiast in Seattle, WA. As Head of Partner Marketing at Domino Data Lab, he works with closely with other industry-leading ecosystem partners on joint solution development and go-to-market efforts. Prior to Domino, David lead Technology Partner marketing at Tableau, and spent years as a consultant defining partner program strategy and execution for clients around the world.

Domino and NVIDIA bring generative AI to the enterprise
Product Updates

Beyond the Hype: Domino Offers Production-Ready Generative AI Powered by NVIDIA

With the ongoing generative AI hype, one concept is becoming increasingly clear: giant, generic generative AI models, by themselves, are not the key to unlocking business value. While they are excellent for experimentation, entertainment, and some limited end-user work augmentation (ChatGPT might have helped with parts of this blog), they often fall short in terms of performance, accuracy, and risk when they aren't production grade.

By David Schulman9 min read

Company Updates

Domino at NVIDIA GTC,  March 2023

Generative AI has captured the public imagination, with ChatGPT contextualizing the benefits of AI for more people than ever before. OpenAI reportedly used 10,000 NVIDIA GPUs to train ChatGPT, and NVIDIA owns 88% of the GPU market powering model training.

By David Schulman5 min read


Financial Services AI in the Hybrid/Multicloud: Harness Data Gravity with Hybrid MLOps

How do you balance the need for innovation and efficiency in FSI with the need for compliance and good governance? That's a critical question for the financial services and insurance industries to answer, because AI, ML, and the hybrid/multicloud are among the most important technology trends of our time.

By David Schulman12 min read

Balancing Innovation and Governance  Needs in Hybrid and Multi-cloud Statistical Computing Environments (SCEs)

Balancing Healthcare AI Innovation with Governance in the Hybrid/Multi-Cloud Future

From early disease detection to intelligent clinical trial designs to personalized medicine, the promise of AI/ML in healthcare and life sciences is great, with “more than 57% of healthcare and life sciences organizations rating AI/ML important or very important, ” according to Ventana Research in their recent white paper Top AI Considerations for Chief Data and Analytics Executives.

By David Schulman7 min read


Why 'the Cloud' Isn't Enough Anymore: Domino Showcases Hybrid/Multi-Cloud MLOps at NVIDIA GTC

Update 9/23/2022: See what we announced at NVIDIA GTC: "Domino Data Lab Announces New Ecosystem Solutions with NVIDIA to Accelerate Hybrid and Multi-cloud MLOps Journey"

By David Schulman6 min read

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