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Two travelers using a tablet to help them with their trip while on a beach
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TripAdvisor's GenAI journey from billions of reviews to a virtual travel agent

See how TripAdvisor leverages GenAI to transform billions of reviews into a virtual travel agent tool.

By Yuval Zukerman5 min read


ExcAIted to Join Domino

Do you know what excites me more than AI? Joining the Domino team as CMO. I know I’m not exactly the only AI enthusiast. Yet there's more to AI than ChatGPT, which may or may not have helped me write this post. Throughout my career, I have worked at the intersection of technology, and data, as I’ve always been fascinated by their transformational impact on organizations. Like all of us, I know we are at an inflection point. The emergence of widely available LLMs highlights the importance of machine learning models and how they redefine how we work, learn, and live. And Domino is already how leading companies make AI happen.

By Thomas Been7 min read


GSK on How to Modernize Clinical Trial Analytics & Reporting to Accelerate Innovation

In a never-ending quest to accelerate innovation, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies around the world have been working to modernize their statistical computing environments, streamline clinical trials, and handle the required analytics and reporting.

By Caroline Phares7 min read


Financial Services AI in the Hybrid/Multicloud: Harness Data Gravity with Hybrid MLOps

How do you balance the need for innovation and efficiency in FSI with the need for compliance and good governance? That's a critical question for the financial services and insurance industries to answer, because AI, ML, and the hybrid/multicloud are among the most important technology trends of our time.

By David Schulman12 min read

Balancing Innovation and Governance  Needs in Hybrid and Multi-cloud Statistical Computing Environments (SCEs)

Balancing Healthcare AI Innovation with Governance in the Hybrid/Multi-Cloud Future

From early disease detection to intelligent clinical trial designs to personalized medicine, the promise of AI/ML in healthcare and life sciences is great, with “more than 57% of healthcare and life sciences organizations rating AI/ML important or very important, ” according to Ventana Research in their recent white paper Top AI Considerations for Chief Data and Analytics Executives.

By David Schulman7 min read


Five Steps to Building an AI Center of Excellence

Co-written by Andy Lin, Vice President Strategy & Innovation, CTO at Mark III Systems and David Schulman, Head of Partner Marketing at Domino Data Lab.

By Andy Lin13 min read

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