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Increase cost efficiency for AI and data science

Plug AI’s Silent Drain: How to deliver AI cost-effectively and achieve 722%* ROI

As large enterprises begin to adopt and embrace Large Language Models (LLMs) and seek enterprise-wide AI adoption that transforms every aspect of their business, data science executives are realizing that building a large team and hiring top talent simply isn’t enough to create a broad and bottom-line impact.

By Leila Nouri8 min read


Hybrid & Multi-Cloud AI Infrastructure Made Easy with Domino Nexus for Domino Cloud

Recently at Rev4, Domino announced the launch of Domino Nexus for Domino Cloud as well as a specialized Domino Cloud for Life Sciences — our fully-managed private SaaS products. The addition of Domino Nexus gives Domino Cloud customers a single pane of glass where they can run AI and machine learning workloads across any infrastructure — in any cloud(s), region, or on premises. Domino Nexus unifies data science silos across a customer’s infrastructure assets, so they have one place to build, deploy, and monitor models.

By Leila Nouri6 min read

Domino's new Model Sentry feature helps enterprises manage AI evolution and launch products responsibly.
Generative AI

Llama 2: Leveling the Playing Field for LLM-Based AI Applications in the Enterprise

Meta's release of Llama 2 is a pivotal moment for businesses seeking to harness generative AI.

By Josh Poduska8 min read

2023 Generative AI Survey Report Research
Generative Models

What The Experts Expect of Generative AI: Domino's 2023 REVelate Survey

Generative AI is moving swiftly from intriguing novelty to top priority for your digital transformation strategy. It is hijacking conversations everywhere, from the boardroom to the dining room. But what do the top data science leaders and practitioners from the world’s most advanced AI companies really think? How transformative do they believe Generative AI really is? What problems and risks do they see, and how are they going about turning Generative AI into tangible business value? We surveyed them to find out.

By Kjell Carlsson7 min read


ExcAIted to Join Domino

Do you know what excites me more than AI? Joining the Domino team as CMO. I know I’m not exactly the only AI enthusiast. Yet there's more to AI than ChatGPT, which may or may not have helped me write this post. Throughout my career, I have worked at the intersection of technology, and data, as I’ve always been fascinated by their transformational impact on organizations. Like all of us, I know we are at an inflection point. The emergence of widely available LLMs highlights the importance of machine learning models and how they redefine how we work, learn, and live. And Domino is already how leading companies make AI happen.

By Thomas Been7 min read

AI-Generated Image of a Team Meeting
Summer 2023

Enabling Enterprise Responsible AI: Announcing Domino Model Sentry

Artificial intelligence technology is spreading rapidly across the economy. New use cases drive innovative new products, optimize processes and make money. Yet with AI's great power, organizations must still mitigate risk and behave responsibly.

By Yuval Zukerman6 min read

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