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Data Science

Themes and Conferences per Pacoid, Episode 3

Paco Nathan‘s column covers themes that include open source, "intelligence is a team sport", and "implications of massive latent hardware".

By Paco Nathan21 min read

Data Science

Deep Learning on GPUs without the Environment Setup in Domino

We have seen an explosion of interest among data scientists who want to use GPUs for training deep learning models. While the libraries to support this (e.g., keras, TensorFlow, etc) have become very powerful, data scientists are still plagued with configuration issues that limit their productivity.

By John Joo3 min read

Data Science

User stories: how Domino helps a data scientist create "unicorn-level deliverables"

We asked our users to tell us stories about how they're using Domino. This is what we heard from Laura Lorenz, a Data Scientist at StockUp.

By Nick Elprin4 min read

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