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Data Science

MATLAB for Data Science and Machine Learning

The opportunities to solve problems with the use of data are greater than ever, and as different industries embrace them, the available data has been steadily increasing and the number of tools expanded. A typical question that new data scientists ask is related to the best programming language to learn, either to get a good understanding of coding or to future-proof their skills. Typically, the question is centered around some usual suspects such as R and Python. I have also been asked about Java and I have provided an answer to that query elsewhere. In reality, there may not be a single best tool to use, and I have long argued for using a toolbox approach to the data science practice. I would like to advocate for one of those tools: MATLAB.

By Dr J Rogel-Salazar9 min read

Data Science

Easy Parallel Loops in Python, R, Matlab and Octave

The Domino platform makes it trivial to run your analysis in the cloud on very powerful hardware (up to 32 cores and 250GB of memory), allowing massive performance increases through parallelism. In this post, we'll show you how to parallelize your code in a variety of languages to utilize multiple cores. This may sound intimidating, but Python, R, and Matlab have features that make it very simple.

By Nick Elprin3 min read

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