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Why AI reproducibility is the holy grail of good governance

True reproducibility means anyone can return to a point in time — anywhere in the AI/ML lifecycle — and see how a model was built and understand its purpose and KPIs. Yet, most AI models are built outside of controlled environments and systems of record. Enterprise AI platforms like Domino solve this by automatically unifying and capturing all model provenance and all artifacts across teams, users, tools, and environments without manual detective work, which can produce mixed results.

By Leila Nouri7 min read

AI-Generated Image of a Team Meeting
Summer 2023

Enabling Enterprise Responsible AI: Announcing Domino Model Sentry

Artificial intelligence technology is spreading rapidly across the economy. New use cases drive innovative new products, optimize processes and make money. Yet with AI's great power, organizations must still mitigate risk and behave responsibly.

By Yuval Zukerman6 min read

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