episode 44

A Hybrid Approach to Accelerating the Model Lifecycle

Data Science Leaders | 23:22 | March 30, 2022

Data Science Leaders: David Von Dollen

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Without a clearly defined methodology, complex projects with multiple technical and business stakeholders often fall apart. The risk is especially high when trying to scale data science work in an enterprise organization.

That’s why David Von Dollen, Head of AI at Volkswagen of America, integrated agile methodology with CRISP-DM to help his team navigate roadblocks and accelerate progress on the path to model deployment. He shares how this hybrid approach enables his team to be more strategic about project lifecycles, unlocking real business impact even faster.

Plus, David provides advice for building relationships with key business stakeholders and shares his philosophy on using the art of data science to benefit humanity.

We discuss:

  • Implementing hybrid CRISP-DM and agile methodologies
  • Building relationships with stakeholders across the business
  • Using data science to solve challenges outside of work

Mentioned during the show:

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