episode 73

Developing a Strategy for AI Transformation at Zendesk

Data Science Leaders | 37:42 | May 17, 2024

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How do you craft and implement a strategy to transform an organization with AI? Not just to build a growing portfolio of successful AI projects, but to fundamentally re-engineer the organization’s core processes, to radically increase productivity, to overhaul the company’s tech stack, and to prepare it for a future of AI-driven competition.

In this episode, Akshaya Murthy, who leads the AI efforts for Operations at Zendesk joins us to discuss the mandate and toolkit of the AI transformation leader, the importance of strategy for AI impact, the AI transformation efforts at Zendesk, and their successes to date. 

Join us as we discuss:

  • The AI transformation leader: mandate and skillset
  • Strategy: the misunderstood and frequently forgotten key to AI impact
  • GenAI: the transformation leader’s new best tool for rapid impact
  • Process transformation: the goal of AI transformation

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