episode 21

Exploring the Future of Data: Regulations & Managing Analytics Teams

Data Science Leaders | 45:49 | September 29, 2021

Data Science Leaders: John Thompson

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Between GDPR, CCPA, and more regulatory frameworks on the horizon, the landscape of personal data—and how it can be used in business—is shifting.

On this episode, John Thompson, Global Head of Advanced Analytics & AI at CSL Behring, joins host Dave Cole to discuss that shift, and a potential future in which we as individuals could be compensated for the use of our data.

Plus, John shares the two types of analytics teams he’s seen work well during his career as a data science leader.

Topics covered include:

  • If and how individuals can know what companies are doing with their data
  • How GDPR and CCPA portend the future of data
  • Structuring, growing, and managing different styles of analytics teams

Check out these resources mentioned during the show:

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