episode 71

Unlocking the disruptive potential of generative AI: a VC perspective

Data Science Leaders | 28:49 | April 11, 2024

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GenAI is evolving at a breakneck pace, matched only by the startups that are looking to commercialize it. So what better way to understand the latest GenAI trends than to ask a venture capitalist specializing in AI?

In this episode, we speak with James Cham, partner at Bloomberg Beta, about the state of GenAI – where it is delivering value today – and the challenges preventing firms from moving from incremental GenAI-driven productivity gains, to truly disruptive GenAI use cases. Along the way, we cover the problem of treating GenAI like software development, the rapidly changing economics of GenAI, and the key to success with all types of AI which is – as always – understanding people.

Join us as we discuss:

  • The cultural challenges preventing companies from unlocking the disruptive potential of GenAI
  • Why developers don’t get data-powered applications (and why data scientists need product thinking)
  • How GenAI can change our engagement with technology (by killing the GUI)

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